Has plenty of time

Here is my original take on life in the time of virus.

“I’ve got nowhere to go and plenty of time to get there.”

Dave Spencer


Proof Rogers is racist

Rick Rogers, you say, “Oman has as much evidence that I am a racist as I have that he is a Martian.”

Really? Well, let’s look at the evidence.

On Feb. 24, 2019, you wrote a column so racist that it drew many, many complaints from Lewiston Tribune readers. The backlash was so overwhelming your publisher, Nathan Alford, had to write an official apology in the March 3, 2019, edition of the paper.

Is that enough evidence for you, Rick?

The larger question, however, is why are so many Lewiston-Clarkston Valley residents racists without acknowledging or possibly even knowing it? The answer can be found in the 150-year history of Lewiston-Clarkston Valley racism, and particularly the extraordinary bias against Native Americans and Chinese people.

If you want hard evidence of local racism, visit the Lewis-Clark State College Beuk Aie Temple or the Nez Perce Visitor Center (when they reopen). Or just look up these topics: Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Idaho Anti-Miscegenation Law, Snake River Massacre, Lewiston Chinatown History, Spalding’s Whipping Tree and the 140 Year War Against the Nez Perce.

If you doubt the problem still exists, read “Ignorance Undercover,” a Lewiston Tribune article documenting Lewiston-Clarkston Valley racism published on Feb. 3, 2008.

Now, Rick, where’s that Martian evidence?

Paul Oman


No defending Trump

Finally, a response to my negative words about insane President Donald trump. Only the writer, David Estes (May 3), complained that I (and Joan Vanhorn) said Trump is stupid.

Not. After a thorough search of sent letters during three years, not once did I use that word to describe king, scientist, researcher, professor, general, genius and, obviously, Dr. Don. ...

Sure, we’ve said the king is a liar. This goes far beyond lying. Politicians have been lying for votes for years. We get that. But, to such a depressingly vast volume? ...

Additionally, I’ve called Donald a piece of ----, Jesus, petulant, idiot, fool, cheat and many other descriptions, but never did I say stupid about him, you or any Trumpeter pawn.

What I did write, however, was challenging the Party of Anything Trump Says (POATS) to defend the king. Unfortunately, local writers, with the education to peer through the fog of ignorance, are attacked. That can mean only one thing — Trump policies, beliefs and 18,000 lies are indefensible. As are kidnapping 3,000 Hispanic children, discriminating and excluding people, three years of chaos and now emboldened vigilantes who shot and killed a jogger this week. ...

It’s not just Trump. Senate Republicans, the Supreme Court and Wall Street are also driving this ignorance. ....

I learned at a young age that Jesus was inclusive. Jesus wanted people around. Trump ain’t even close. We writers want answers to what has happened to government and to people we all know and love. ...

Jim Roach


What is he reading?

Paul Oman, I had the pleasure of working for the Lewiston Tribune for 20 years. I can assure you that the editorial staff and the majority of the Tribune employees are liberals. You evidently have not been reading the paper’s editorials and columns.

Tribune employees are good people and they aren’t in the habit of spewing hate toward people who vote different than they do.

I’m lily white and I have beautiful dark-skinned grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who I love very much. And they would not appreciate someone calling their grandparents and parents racists because they voted for Republicans.

If you question that, a photograph of my grandson and great-grandson was published in the Tribune some months ago.

Our forefathers had the foresight to know that complete power corrupts. That is why we have two political parties.

Conservatives and liberals both love their families. They both go to work every workday to give their families a good life now and when they retire.

They have a lot in common. They just vote differently.

Phyllis Collins


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