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BOISE — An effort to address Idaho’s teacher shortage by letting local school districts issue district-specific teaching credentials passed the House on a near-party-line 54-13 vote Thursday.

Two eagles sit in a treetop in Clarkston as a plane passes by overhead earlier this week. This week’s run of springlike weather in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley is expected to continue today, with a high of 70 in the forecast. The extended outlook can be found on Page 6A.

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CALDWELL, Idaho — The audible and visible exclaims of frustration that persisted throughout Prairie’s loss didn’t exist outside the locker room after the game. There, it mostly was silent, save for a few mumbles.


The 19th @100: The Women's Suffrage Movement

Women were granted the right to vote 100 years ago. Learn all about it in this Premium Edition.

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Golden Times

Internet and telephone scammers can target senior citizens with a quiver full of devious arrows, but the Idaho Attorney General’s Office says seniors have one weapon that can neutralize them all: time.