Unjust treatment

Arise. Arise, ye citizens of a free country.

There has been an injustice committed against a free citizen. His name is Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller.

His crime is asking that his commanding officers be held accountable for their actions. For this, he was arrested and placed into solitary confinement. He was treated as a common criminal. This is a man who served honorably in the Marines, earning several medals for leadership and valor.

I became interested in the case because of news reports. I took the time to write to my congressional delegation — Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, and Congressman Russ Fulcher.

Within one day, I got a reply from Fulcher, thanking me for efforts. To date, I have not heard back from Risch or Crapo. I guess that it is beneath their dignity to reply to one of their constituents. Maybe we should remember that attitude come election time. Yes I did request that they respond to my letter.

Scheller is now out of prison. I guess public pressure was enough to get him out of jail since he should not have been there in the first place.

David Estes


Do the right thing

There has been a lot of yelling and moaning from the anti-vaccine, anti-mask people about infringement of rights, but whose rights are being more infringed upon? Theirs or the folks whose kids can’t attend school because of COVID-19 closures, whose weddings have to be postponed or altered for fear of holding a super-spreader event, and whose aged family members are afraid to go to the stores where they once shopped and where they could be shopping again if Americans all did the right thing?

We could have nipped this virus in the bud if half the country hadn’t been heeding conspiracy theories or trying to make some kind of political statement about personal rights.

But, no, we’d rather shout at school board members who want mask mandates, call our governors “little Hitlers” if they try to enforce some health safety regulations and give the virus time to mutate into an even more dangerous disease.

We should not have to be told by the government to do the right thing. If everyone just did it, no one’s rights would be infringed upon.

Mike Ruskovich


Hard to miss

Reading the Oct. 3 newspaper, one could not miss the full-page, color ad trying to force the end to our safe, green, abundant and plentiful hydroelectricity.

What travelers to Canada and Alaska already know is salmon runs on many rivers have been dropping, even on rivers that never had a dam on them.

In the same edition of the newspaper, buried on Page 3A was the Associated Press article on reporting the lack of returning Yukon River salmon. People there opine the cause is over-fishing and changing of the climate. But there was no mention of dams.

Would it not be silly, 30 years from now, if our children can’t drive their electric car or turn on their air conditioner due to a lack of electricity because of breached Snake and Columbia river dams and there were still no salmon.

Mike Cloke