Learned it in ninth grade

Everything humans need to know about their immune system was taught in ninth grade health.

Since then, one or more serious things must have occurred:

l Perhaps the human immune system stopped working; if so, we’re all doomed anyway.

l School boards everywhere replaced ninth grade health with really important stuff like gender studies.

l COVID-19 ate the part of the brain that is responsible for logic and analytical thinking in much of the population.

Any former ninth grade health teachers still living are probably thinking society has lost its mind.

People have an intimate knowledge of their cellphone, but rely on government officials to tell them how their bodies work. Well, except for sex; it seems there is nothing left to learn there.

Some parents today don’t get their children basic vaccines, such as measles. Typically, they suspect vaccines cause autism, madness or stupidity. There is a lot of madness and stupidity going around, but vaccines probably aren’t responsible.

Decades ago, moms held “chicken-pox parties,” where one of the kids already had chicken pox. Their little cherubs would then get the disease. Moms were causing their children to exercise their immune systems — natural vaccination — with no costly doctor’s visit and just a few aspirin for a mild fever (herd immunity).

Today those caring mothers might be arrested for having paid attention in ninth grade health.

Caution: A Moscow reader says I’m a liar and a braggart. Based on that clearly educated and authoritative source, you probably shouldn’t listen to anything I have to say.

Rick Rogers


Trump’s at work

Yes, blame President Donald Trump.

You have 50 states and 50 governors caught with their pants down.

Trump governs 328 million people whereas 50 governors did not know what to do.

The governor of Florida did do something right. He activated the bat guard and assigned them to senior citizens and nursing homes.

Trump was informed of a drug called hydroxychloroquine. Then a quack doctor on CNN and MSNBC for a week said that medicine would cause heart disease. That’s crap.

The liberal Democrats and the news media totally hate Trump so much they don’t mind killing American citizens.

How many abortions occurred in 2016 — 623,741.

Look at New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. In nursing homes, 2,477 died. Most of those who died were laid out in rented vans.

Washington state’s nursing homes had more than 1,700 deaths. But Gov. Jay Inslee is more concerned about illegal immigrants.

Right now, the Democrats want a stimulus package. They don’t tell you they want it for their pension funds. They want you to pay.

Just look at Queen Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party being paid for staying home.

The only politicians I see working are the president and his cabinet.

Howard Miller


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