Hold Trump accountable

Watch out. If we’re not careful, Jesus Trump will squirm out of taking responsibility for all of the problems surrounding his response to the COVID-19 disease epidemic.

No, I predict (not very difficult). When the problems surrounding the epidemic improve, and they will, Jesus Trump will take credit, saying he’s so great he fixed everything and has saved the U.S. and the world from the evil “Chinese disease,” which actually is from bats, not people or a country.

We cannot allow this lying maniac to get the upper hand. We must remember. Unfortunately, this is American’s Achilles heel — remembering something longer than seven days, other than where the beer is kept and treatments for soft skin.

Trump first said the April heat will burn off the disease. Then he called it a hoax and a Chinese/Democratic plot. Then he made a national emergency declaration.

Which is it?

This week, he uttered the very first truthful words of his administration, finally acknowledging the seriousness of the pandemic. Still, he deserves no positive acknowledgements when the disease finally dies down. None.

The end of his presidency is paramount. He cannot be rewarded for his sluggish response. The lies, profiteering, corporate “tax reform” and welfare, the border kidnapping of children plus the current lack of disease protocols, particle masks, ventilators and so much medical equipment must stop in November.

Jesus Trump deserves credit for nothing. If we care about the country, we cannot allow him to squirm out of this.

Jim Roach



This next sentence may seem weird, but I don’t blame President Donald Trump for the coronavirus. That would be a waste of time. Like most Democrats — and Republicans — I know, I don’t look for blame; I look for solutions.

But not Donald. Even now, he grabs for someone to blame (“China virus,” “Democratic fake news”) rather than tries to organize some sort of federal response and direction to fighting this pandemic.

It appears that we have lots of good leaders in this battle (for example, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland). Unfortunately, the excellent one at the federal level, Dr. Anthony Fauci, spends much of his time correcting Trump’s disinformation while trying to placate the president.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said it best: “We’re all building this airplane as we fly it right now. It would be nice to have a national strategy.”

We need medical equipment, and we need it yesterday, last week — heck, a month ago.

If the trajectory of infections climbs as it has everywhere else, hospitals will be deciding who gets a ventilator (and possibly lives) and who doesn’t (and certainly dies). ...

I cannot imagine the horror that medical personnel will feel upon having to make those decisions. I don’t know who will get the blame for those life-ending decisions, but you can rest assured, the president of the United States will “not” be “responsible.”

D’Wayne Hodgin


Rubel’s true agenda

Idaho House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel made it perfectly clear she will forever put business interests ahead of the people of Idaho. In Chuck Malloy’s incredibly dense commentary posted on March 22, Rubel is quoted as saying she is not a socialist, but a capitalist. I’m sure we can all count on a post of Rubel giving back any assistance she receives from a stimulus package, right?

We now know why Rubel never actually tried to get Medicaid expanded — because it’s socialism. She would rather see the people of Idaho starve than force Idaho business to pay a living wage. Is that why she never really fought for an increase? Our spending per student is last in the nation because Rubel must despise socialism and wants poor kids to be stupid.

Think I’m being hyperbolic? Ask Rubel why she opposes the Idaho Resolution to Restore Free and Fair Elections. Ask her why she, a Harvard graduate, didn’t bring any legal challenge to current ballot initiative laws that have been in place the entire time she’s been in office. Why would someone who is paid to represent the people of Idaho not do anything after being told by the ACLU of Idaho that the current law is unconstitutional?

It’s because this job will just be a stepping stone for Rubel as she looks to further her career — just like her predecessor Mat Erpelding did when he resigned to be a lobbyist for the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce earlier this year.

Ryan Isbelle


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