In a yearly tradition that spans nearly four decades, Tribune readers can once more help fulfill the wishes of 260 residents of care centers and adult family homes in the region this holiday season.

Helen Wilks and Ellen Smith, sisters and longtime Lewiston residents, and their families, in cooperation with the Lewiston Tribune, sponsor an annual drive to obtain gifts for residents in need. They ask Tribune readers to purchase gifts for one or more of these residents for the holidays. This will be the 39th year they have worked together on this project.

Organization and delivery of the gifts will again adhere to guidelines recommended by the health department for COVID-19 precautions.

Anyone wishing to give a gift may select a number and gift from the list below and bring it to the Lewiston Tribune between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays. The gifts must be new and must be received at the Tribune no later than 5 p.m. Friday.

The Tribune office is at 505 Capital St. in downtown Lewiston.

Each gift should be wrapped and tagged with the name or initials of the recipient, the recipient’s number and the item enclosed. A separate tag should include the recipient’s name, number and the donor’s name. Wilks estimates every person on the wish list receives at least five gifts.

The Wilks and Smith families will pick up the gifts from the Tribune, organize and deliver them to the various residences before Christmas so staff can distribute them to the recipients.

1. Janice S. — shoes (6½), shirt (M), pants (S)

2. Fred P. — shoes (9½), shirt (XL), pants (XL)

3. Lori T. — shoes (11W), shirt (5X), pants (3X)

4. Sherri B. — shoes (8½), shirt (4X), pants (4X)

5. Bessie C. — shoes (7), shirt (M), pants (L)

6. Lanetta B. — shoes (9), shirt (L), pants (XL)

7. Marion S. — long-sleeved shirt (XL), pants (XL)

8. Sue H. — shoes (12), shirt (L), pants (L)

9. Fred R. — sensory items, chips and bean dip, Pepsi

10. Bob R. — shoes (8½), shirt (M), pants (40)

11. Pat B. — shoes (9½-10), shirt (2X), pants (2X)

12. Vera S. — nonskid socks, shirt (L), pants (14W)

13. Tim — pants (3X), shirts (3X)

14. Alvin C. — shirt (XL), shoes (10), pants (36L)

15. Bill G. — shoes (10), pants (2X), shirts (XL)

16. Larry G. — shoes (13), shirt (XL), pants (32L)

17. Marlene T. — lightweight zip-up sweaters (L), leggings (XL), nightgowns (L), shoes (8)

18. Karen — shoes (6-7), shirts (L), pants (2X)

19. Charles — pants (40x30), shirts (XL)

20. Rick — pants (2X), shirts (4X)

21. Susan T. — pants (18W), shirts (XL)

22. Lyle — shirts (L), pants (L/30), shoes (12)

23. Alan — maps, sketch pad, shoes (11), pants (40x30), shirts (XL)

24. Georgia — shirts (L), pants (8 petite), shoes (6)

25. Jim — shirt (4X), pants (4X)

26. Donna W. — shoes (8½), shirt (L), pants (M)

27. Paul — shirt (2X), pants (45x33)

28. Sheila B. — shoes (10), shirt (2X), pants (3X)

29. Marci — shoes (9), shirt (XL), pants (18)

30. Judy — shoes (8½), shirt (M), pants (12)

31. Randy — shirt (2X), pants (38)

32. Richard — shoes (10½), shirt (2X), pants (40x42)

33. Phillip — shoes (8½), shirt (M), pants (36)

34. Loretta — shoes (9), shirt (XL), pants (XL)

35. Sylivia — shoes (7), shirt (L), pants (20)

36. Floyd — shoes (10), pants (XL), shirt (XL)

37. David V. – polo shirts (7X)

38. Marlene – shirt (5X), pants (5X)

39. D.B. — watch, coloring books (juvenile), markers, children’s board games, Seahawks stocking cap

40. K.D. — Cowboys ballcap or stocking cat, Pepsi, candy, popcorn, watch, socks, underwear (briefs L)

41. C.G. — corded headphones, pajamas (XL), winter coat with hood (2X), dot-to-dot activity book

42. M.G. — pajamas (2X), winter coat (3X), hot cocoa mix, beef jerky, sports bra (3X)

43. T.H. — push toy truck, coloring books (juvenile), markers, crazy socks, stuffed animal pillows

44. T.J. — long-sleeved dresses (XL), fuzzy socks, fuzzy blanket, watch, sugar-free candy/chocolates, diet soda

45. C.R. — white cotton long underwear, Wrangler jeans (32x33), winter coat (L), socks (11)

46. R.R. — zip-up sweater (XL), slippers with back (10/11), magazines, books with pictures, candy

47. V.S. — colored pens, nail polish, tinted lipgloss, eye shadow, pretty slippers (7)

48. D.S. — black gloves (XL), popcorn, cookies, sweatpants (L), diet soda, chocolates

49. J.H. — Old Spice deodorant, microwave popcorn, popcorn tin, winter gloves (XL) men’s shampoo, diet soda

50. M.H. — Gift cards for Happy Day restaurants, men’s bath and body items, men’s shampoo, diet soda, candy cookies

51. J.L. — Cheez Whiz, crackers, chocolate chip cookies, chips, diet soda, candy

52. A.C. — sugar-free candy, sugar-free jam/jelly, mixed nuts, peanuts, Kleenex, popcorn tins

53. J.B. — lemonade, chocolate candy, deodorant, lipstick, Kleenex, fuzzy socks, lipgloss, nail polish

54. F.M. — Kleenex, bath powder, socks, peppermint/ginger hard candies, deodorant, small containers of applesauce

55. R.P. — popcorn tins, butterscotch pudding, butterscotch hard candy, Pepsi

56. L.C. — sweaters (XL), sweatshirts (XL), candy, crackers, nuts, chocolate candy, Pepsi, summer sausage,

57. S.R. — chewy granola bars, sugar-free candy, Diet Pepsi, sugar-free jam, potato chips, popcorn tins

58. M.H. — socks, shirts (S), Kleenex, hair ties, scented lotion, body wash, blanket, hair chopsticks

59. M.D. — hair ties, scented body lotion, Kleenex, pants (L), pajamas (L), socks, Chapstick lip balm

60. J.T. — socks, sugar-free snacks, Kleenex, scented lotion, body wash, large-piece jigsaw puzzles, perfume, diet soda

61. R.O. — Chapstick lip balm, candy, scented lotion, body wash, socks, hair products, cookies, nightgown (L)

62. B.W. — candy, body spray, scented lotion, hairspray, thin gloves, Kleenex, chocolates

63. M.T. — pajamas (M), scented body wash, lotion, toothbrush, hairspray, socks, coffee creamer, high-neck shirts (M)

64. E.M. — sugar-free snacks, socks, men’s pajamas (L), sweatpants (L), razor, Kleenex, aftershave, shirts (XL), diet soda

65. A.O. — scented body care items, hair ties, soda, Kleenex, lotions

66. F.F. — socks with nonslip tread on the bottom, sweatpants (XL), pajamas (XL), candy, reading light

67. S.B. — pants (3X), tops (2X), slip-on sweaters (2X), hairbrush, scented lotions, body wash, powder, fuzzy blanket

68. E.O. — Christian music, large-piece jigsaw puzzles, candy, Kleenex, shirts (M), sweatpants (M), socks, coffee creamer

69. W.G. — pajamass (S), candy, sweets, Gonzaga-themed items, Squirt Ruby Red, soda, juices, popcorn tins

70. D.W. — coffee creamers, fuzzy socks, scented lotions, body wash, cookies, diet soda, chocolates

71. B.S. — toothbrush, fuzzy socks, easy word puzzles, fuzzy gloves, Kleenex, nail polish, popcorn tin

72. Vera — blouses (2X), slacks (2X), white noise sound machine, cross necklace, perfume

73. Bonnie — warm leggings (XL), sweaters (2X), pistachios, deodorizing room spray, sugar-free chocolate, word search puzzles

74. Terry H. — jeans (34x30), men’s shirts (L), chocolate, sweater (XL)

75. Joan — Lindor assorted chocolates, slippers (8½), sweatsuits (L), perfume, pajamas (L)

76. Bessie R. — York Peppermint Patties, slippers (8), scrubs tops (2X), bell bottom pants (14), crossword and word search puzzles, journal, 2022 planner

77. Cowboy — long-sleeved shirts (2X), sweatpants (XL), lotion, cologne, radio

78. Serge — sweatpants (5X), tops (5X), handheld radio, cologne assorted chocolates, sausage platter

79. Pat — 2022 planner (Elvis Presley-themed), Pepsi, office supplies (thumbtacks, paper clips, rubber bands, sticky notes), dress (5X), long necklace, stuffed green olives, instant hot apple cider packets, sugar-free candy, art supplies

80. Joanne — colored gel pens, slippers (8½), bracelets, popcorn, coloring book, shampoo, conditioner, perfume

81. Janice — sports bra (L), blouses (XL), slacks (L), letter-writing stationery, pink slippers (9), pajamas (XL), perfume, lotion

82. Bev M. — blouses (5X), sweatpants (5X), radio, sugar-free chocolate, hHair accessories, perfume

83. Steve H. — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, 3 Musketeers, chocolate pudding, Seahawks décor, word search puzzles

84. Toni C. — gel pens, color-by-number books, men’s long silk shorts (5X), pants (5X), blouses (5X), mechanical pencils, water enhancer flavoring (strawberry/watermelon), men’s robe (5X), sugar-free chocolate

85. Earl C. — peppermint candy, peppermint coffee creamer, gel pens, color-by-number books, flannel shirt (5X), robe (5X), sugar-free chocolate (no peanuts), coloring books

86. Lila — body lotion, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, adult coloring book with animals or angels, sweatpants (M), colored pencils

87. Sondra — large print mystery books, sugar-free candy, bottled water, word search puzzles, sweatpants (3X), blouses (3X), lotion in pump bottle, foot cream, crossword puzzles, women’s deodorant

88. Jeffery E. — shoes (9W), Lindor chocolates, jeans (32x32), shirts (L), belt, magic markers, sketch book, paint, adult coloring book

89. Gary F. — shoes (11W), long socks, short-sleeved shirts (M), cologne

90. Connie — blouses (S), sweatpants (S), nightgown (S), teddy bear, soft blanket

91. Kay — coloring books, colored markers, colored pencils, blouses (L), sweatpants (L), lotion, deodorant

92. Janet M. — Gatorade, leggings (M), blouses (M), socks, shoes (8½), cookies, radio

93. Nacy B. — KitKat White, no-bake cookies, Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Pepsi, Diet 7UP, body wash, deodorant, word search puzzles

94. Chris D. — sweatpants (2X), blouses (2X), gloves, Diet Coke, sugar-free candy, handheld radio

95. Warren H. — Diet Pepsi, vanilla coffee creamer, tops (3X), sweatpants (3X), coloring books with patriotic theme

96. Skip — zip-up jacket (XL), shirts with pocket (XL), Powerade

97. Frances — blouses (3X), sweatpants (XL), orange juice (single bottles), canvases, paints, coloring books, slippers (9W)

98. Reggy — belt, handheld Pac-Man game, cookies, old gamer posters, radio, sweatpants (XL), sweatshirts (XL), jacket (XL)

99. Quinna — chocolate, Lays potato chips and barbecue chips, soft blanket, word search puzzles, sweatpants (XL), sweatshirts (XL)

100. Theresa S. — large purse, peppermint candy, assorted chocolates, coloring supplies, necklace, perfume, shampoo, conditioner

101. Loren — electric razor, sweatpants (M), sweatshirts (M), socks, lotion in pump bottle, white-noise machine

102. Brian — zip-up jacket (XL), sweatpants (L), sweatshirts (L), hats/gloves, art supplies, model cars

103. Kenneth O. — tops (M), sweatpants (M), cologne, soft blanket, radio

104. Betty M. — decaf coffee, blouses (3X), sweatpants (3X), socks, shoes (9W), Diet Coke, chocolate

105. Flora — blouses (S), sweatpants (S), pajamas (S), adult coloring book, stuffed animal

106. John S. — sweatpants (XL), shirts (L), art supplies, casino game, chocolate

107. Tom D. — Hershey’s Nuggets Special Dark, pistachios, root beer, popcorn, sweatpants (L), sweatshirts (L), trivia/riddle books

108. Ed H. — sweatpants (L), belt, zip-up jacket (L), pudding, tops (L), cologne, lotion

109. Douglas — tops (2X), sweatpants (2X), jacket (2X), nonskid socks, soft blanket, radio, puzzle books, hand-held game

110. Ed P. — Plant, gardening supplies, large-print books, sweatpants (L), sweatshirts (L), belt, Pepsi

111. Nanette B. — sweatpants (L), slippers (L), tops (L), lotion, word search puzzles, coloring book

112. Ken M. — model cars, art supplies, flannel shirts (2X), shirt with patriotic theme (2X), soft blanket with patriotic theme

113. Jeanne P. — jacket (3X), blouses (3X), knitted hat and gloves, sweatpants (3X), art supplies, chocolate, perfume, lotion

114. Lynn T. — blouses (M), sweatpants (M), chocolate, radio, word search puzzles, soft blanket, slippers (L), perfume, lotion

115. Kevin — bedsheets set (full), salted wasabi almonds with soy, hair gel, postage stamps

116. Denise — Peanut Butter M&M’s, Diet Pepsi, tablet electronic device

117. Chuck — Folgers Instant Coffee, Ultrabrite toothpaste 3 in 1, Psychology Today magazine

118. Arvid — Cheetos, Pepsi, playing cards, cribbage board, Yahtzee game

119. Mike — art supplies (Cra-Z-Art crayons, erasers, drawing pencils, sketch pad, pencil sharpener, sketch pencils), transparent tape, Folgers Instant Coffee, Mounds, Snickers

120. Larry — Hostess Ding Dongs, Gatorade, dice, Skip-Bo card game, Nivea aftershave balm

121. Eric — journal and nice pens, shave gel, four-blade razor, sweatshirt (2X tall), Pepsi, Doritos

122. Rick — Edge shaving cream, T-shirts (2X tall), Gatorade, pecan pies

123. Alex — Hershey bars, Diet Pepsi, black crew socks, 2022 calendar

124. B.F. — knitting patterns/blanket kits, yarn, Ritz crackers, diet root beer

125. S.R. — word search puzzles, adult coloring book, colored pencils, Ed Hardy perfume, Hostess Snoballs, sweet tea, black winter knee boots (7)

126. C.T. — belt (32), Ralph Lauren Polo Red cologne, powdered doughnuts, Pepsi, dice

127. M.C. — mixed bag chocolate bars, Pepsi, Brute cologne, word search puzzles, heavymetal CDs

128. M.H. — lavender perfume, water paints, cotton pajamas (L), Diet Pepsi, pistachios

129. E.M. — Cheerios, boxed milk, action movies on DVD, beef jerky

130. Mat — Gatorade, beef jerky, comforter bedding set (twin), hairbrush, toothbrush, Colgate toothpaste, stationery

131. K.K. — sugar-free candy, Propel Water, Christian coloring books for children, crayons, shirt (6X), ankle socks

132. Rachel — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, alarm clock with large numerals, CD player, framed wall picture of Jesus, black sweatpants (L)

133. Jamie — caffeine-free Pepsi, Little Debbie brownies, comforter bed set for man (twin), T-shirt (2X), tube socks, spray deodorant

134. Robert — men’s moccasins (10½), cat food (canned and dry), chocolate-covered cherries, 2022 calendar, peanut butter, jelly, loaf of bread

135. Colt — barbecue potato chips, sports jersey (3X, any team), basketball, colored T-shirts (3X), Axe deodorant

136. Lawrence — black Carhartt beanie, Sony men’s digital watch, warm Sherpa blanket (twin), Flaming Hot Cheetos

137. Mariah — 7UP, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, adult animal coloring books, colored pencils, denture adhesive, mouthwash, Scrabble, Chinese checkers game, harmonica

138. Nick — cream soda, sour cream potato chips, bubble gum-flavored toothpaste, giant stuffed animal, tube socks, skull T-shirt (L, tall)

139. Andy — Cosmic Brownies, black or blue sweatpants (L), Old Spice cologne, CD boombox, Michael Jackson greatest hits CD, Pepsi

140. Kristi — clothes for baby girl dolls (newborn and 12-24 months), Ashton Drake Baby Doll, Doritos, ranch dip, handheld radio

141. Brandon — snow shovel, tube socks, Axe gel deodorant, hot chocolate, baseball/basketball/football trading cards, 2021 UFC Ultimate Edition for Playstation

142. Racelle T. — Brute cologne, digital watch, sweatshirt (3X), peppermint bark, cola

143. Nicki — Dove Coconut spray deodorant, Paris Hilton Perfume, iTunes giftcard, Mtn Dew, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

144. Jonathan — blanket, two pillows and pillowcases, overalls (XL), 3 Musketeers, Coke

145. Dave — ankle socks, Old Spice cologne, gospel CDs, instant coffee, 2022 calendar

146. Jerry — sweatpants (L), crew socks, CD boombox, musk cologne, Led Zepplin/Pink Floyd CDs, Coke

147. Therese — Queen Anne Chocolate-Covered Cherries, earrings, necklace, Bath & Body Works sets (shower gel, lotion, spray), arts and crafts, journal, pens/pencils, bottled water, flavor packets

148. Dan M. — 1990s hard rock CDs, sweatpants (XL), ankle socks, men’s watch

149. Ben — Dove shampoo/conditioner, cologne, CD boombox, root beer, sweatshirt (2X), crew socks

150. A.K. — cribbage board, playing cards, men’s pajama pants (XL), Chicken in a Biskit crackers, Easy Cheese, root beer, men’s crew socks

151. Jared — Rune-Scape card from Walmart, whitening toothpaste, barbecue potato chips, Pepsi, Axe Body Spray

152. Steve — Bruce Lee DVD, toothbrush, toothpaste, DVD player, educational and history DVDs, popcorn tin

153. Glenn — sweatshirt (4X), T-shirt (4X), adult coloring book, colored pencils, meat/cheese/crackers, Diet Pepsi

154. Ken — beef jerky, men’s silver ring (7), Carhartt pants (40x32), PS3 boxing videogame

155. Cameron — sports magazines, chocolate candy, BOD body spray, sports-themed sweatshirt (2X, tall), sports-themed jogging pants (2X)

156. Danny — cribbage board, playing cards, analog men’s watch, Harley Davidson zip-up hoodie (2X), sweatpants (XL)

157. Debra — sweatshirt (3X), UGG boots (11), flower crafts, craft projects, Diet Coke, cinnamon bears, Aussie shampoo and conditioner

158. Jenny — fingernail polish set, matte brown tone eyeshadow palate, Paul Mitchell Stay Strong hairspray, cranberry juice, trail mix, shea butter lotion

159. Patty — adult coloring books, colored pencils, musk perfume, green olives, 7UP, bracelet, necklace, T-shirts (XL)

160. Chrystal — crew socks, Dove deodorant, Crest toothpaste, White Diamonds perfume, Taster’s Choice instant coffee, sugar-free Werther’s Original, adult coloring book, gel pens

161. James — jeans (48x36), ankle socks, Almond Joy, Mounds, Sprite, handheld game (like a Gameboy)

162. Brian — really nice basketball, bed comforter set (twin), Slim Jim, beef jerky, Mtn Dew, red beanie

163. Chris — 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream, Wheat Thins, potato chips, Gatorade, word search puzzle books

164. Bonnie — 2022 calendar, bathrobe (L), 7UP, fruit pies, Disney DVDs

165. Wayne — Gatorade, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, Westerns DVDs, popcorn tin

166. William — snap-up flannel shirt (3X), Gillette Speed Stick deodorant, shampoo, summer sausage/cheese/crackers, instant decaf coffee, writing notebooks, pens

167. Margaret — Dove shampoo, Secret deodorant, sweatshirt (L), adult coloring book, puzzles, microwaveable macaroni and cheese

168. Pat — Kleenex, writing notebook, wool socks, fruit pies, variety potato chips, toothbrush, toothpaste

169. Marlene — women’s perfume, Gatorade, DVD player, writing notebook, pens, tortilla chips, cheese/ranch dip.

170. Murray — sweatshirt (XL), Irish Spring bar soap, shaving cream, razors, Pepsi, Chips Ahoy

171. Mike — bottled water, flavor packets, raspberry powdered doughnuts, alarm clock, western DVDs, sweatshirt (XL), sweatpants (XL)

172. Robert — Speedstick deodorant, shaving cream, razors, reading books of any kind, 7UP, variety potato chips, doughnuts

173. Ken — nightstand, comforter (twin), Gatorade, blueberry doughnuts, combat Xbox games

174. Cindy — colorful warm blanket (twin), colorful Sharpies, root beer, cat food (canned and dry), cat litter, cat toys

175. Gerald — flannel shirt (XL), Coke, summer sausage/cheese/crackers, Irish Spring bar soap

176. Dean — Westerns DVDs, mixed bag mini chocolate candy bars, men’s cologne, Pepsi

177. Barb — popcorn tin, Kleenex, No. 2 pencils and sharpener, yellow blouse (3X), word search puzzles, anything cat-themed (2022 calendar, stuffed cat, blanket)

178. Alan — CD player, Hawaiian Punch, Nacho Cheese Doritos, your favorite book to read with a note in it sharing why you like it

179. Andrew — hacky sack, dominos, Old Spice Swagger body wash, dandruff shampoo, Mtn Dew, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

180. Sharon — root beer, Olay body wash, shampoo, sweatpants (M), sweater (M), 2022 calendar

181. S.R. — Peanut Butter M&M’s, thick guitar picks, basketball, Old Spice deodorant and shampoo, DVD player, comedy and action DVDs, orange soda

182. J.A. — Candyland game, nail polish set, orange soda, Almond Roca, Dove deodorant, Dove bodywash, sweatpants (XL), men’s sweatshirt (3X)

183. Joe — T-shirt (XL), Old Spice deodorant, Olay shampoo, digital watch, Carhartt vest (XL), digital watch, root beer, spicy Doritos

184. E.S. — beef jerky, 2022 calendar, Irish Spring bar soap, Olay body wash, drone, checkers game, chess set

185. Tracy — word search puzzles, baking soda toothpaste, toothbrush, comforter set (twin), men’s cologne, cream soda, fudge or chocolate candy

186. Craig — Pepsi, soft chocolate chip cookies, body wash, shampoo, sweatpants (L), crew socks

187. John — bodywash, shaving gel, razors, crew socks, popcorn tin, Pepsi

188. Bob — bodywash, Western coat (4X), soft fuzzy blanket, grape juice, Doritos, crew socks

189. Sierra — cream soda, sweatpants (3X), sweatshirt (3X), tennis shoes (8½), raspberry doughnuts

190. Josh — wood pool cue (21-ounce), pool cue case, digital watch, Mtn Dew, barbecue potato chips, sweatpants (XL), T-shirt (XL)

191. Michael — analog watch, flannel shirt (3X), Mtn Dew, popcorn tin, crew socks

192. J.P. — three-subject notebook, pens, Irish Spring bar soap, analog watch, root beer, Ritz Crackers, swork boots (12½)

193. Darik — mouthwash, Irish Spring bar soap, Mtn Dew, beef jerky, chocolate, ldrafting paper (large 14x20), drafting pencils

194. George — pillow, Old Spice deodorant, shampoo, Pepsi, old-fashioned doughnuts, button-up shirt (L tall)

195. A.F. — tablet, women’s sweater (XL), women’s conservative dress (XL), kiwi strawberry juice, Ritz Crackers, Easy Cheese, gel pens, fine tip markers, adult coloring books, Dove spray deodorant, bath and body lotion.

196. Vanessa — backgammon, croquet, umbrella, quilt (twin), Yoo-hoo drink, SunnyD, Dove body wash, White Diamonds perfume

197. Tim — DVD player, “M*A*S*H*” DVDs, Dr Pepper, Cap’n Crunch, ankle socks, briefs (M)

198. Jeff — digital camera, address book/planner, Axe body spray set, waterproof analog watch, grape soda, Nacho Cheese Doritos, crew socks

199. Henry — Comedy DVDs, Old Spice deodorant, Old Spice shampoo, colored T-shirts (3X), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Dr Pepper

200. Blake — digital camera, Vans shoes (9½), Brute aftershave and spray deodorant, polo slacks (38x30), 7UP, Cheez-It crackers, Easy Cheese

201. J.D. — popcorn tin, Irish Spring bar soap, men’s tube socks, Rubik’s Cube, 2022 calendar, denture adhesive, scarf, gloves

202. J.S. — denture adhesive, manicure set, Chia Pet, men’s beanie, crew socks, cup with lid and straw, Bible

203. Terri — bodywash, shampoo, pajamas (L), T-shirts (L), grape soda, Sour Patch Kids

204. Ken — pens, paper, sticky notes, bodywash, deodorant, sweatshirt (XL), moccasin-style slippers (13½), Gatorade, soft chocolate

205. Kay — art supplies (paints/brushes/canvas), pillows, turquoise bedspread (twin), toothbrush holder, Coke, mini chocolate candy bars or Hershey’s Kisses, dental floss, shampoo, conditioner

206. S.S. — soft blanket, Gatorade, fruit juice, pudding and Jello cups, spray deodorant, body wash

207. Jim — slippers (8½), soft blanket, Pepsi, barbecue potato chips, bodywash, shampoo

208. Theresa — coloring supplies, slippers (10½ wide), grape soda, variety chips, mini chocolate candy bars, dresses (3X), bodywash, shampoo/conditioner

209. G.A. — nail polish, fruit-scented body spray, perfume, blanket, root beer, Oreo cookies, body wash, shampoo/conditioner,

210. Marlee — nail polish, bedspread (twin), vanilla body spray, Pepsi, mini chocolate bars, shampoo/conditioner

211. Bev — playing cards, stationery, cream soda, fruit juice, pudding cups, warm blanket, blue or red slippers (7½ wide), flannel pajamas (2X), bodywash, shampoo/conditioner

212. Irene — medium-length coat (XL), Stetson perfume, warm blanket, Coke, chocolate bars, leggings (L), bodywash, shampoo/conditioner

213. Dave — Western-themed 2022 calendar, western books, baseball cap, slippers (11), Dr Pepper, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, crew socks

214. B.F. — soft blanket, playing cards, tube socks, Axe shampoo/conditioner/deodorant, cranberry juice, Rice Krispy Treats, men’s colored T-shirts (XL), tablet

215. Ben — clothing (L), socks (M), slippers (L)

216. Jenny — painting canvas, paints, art supplies

217. Glenda — slippers (L), spa stuff

218. Becky — soft socks (S), stuffed animals, blanket, talking clock

219. Dave — word search puzzles, Hot Wheels, soft dog treats

220. Wendy — slippers (M), crafts, books

221. Bob — games, green and blue sweatpants (2X), arts and crafts, movies (documentaries)

222. Mary — light blankets, notepads

223. June — coloring books, lightly-scented lotion, Disney movies, slippers (M)

224. Kate — stuffed animals, playing cards, gardening books and magazines

225. Julie — mystery or suspense books, yarn, soft socks (S), coloring books

226. Susie — blue blankets, peony scent, cards, board games

227. Liz — blue blanket, soft socks (M), old movies, coffee cup, craft books by Lauren Espy

228. Lance — hunting magazines, items related to sports/outdoors, playing cards

229. Jake — country music, arts and crafts, gardening

230. Matt — rock music, board games, playing cards

231. Lacie — sweatpants (M), scrubs bottoms (M)

232. Louise — soft socks (M), blankets, sweatpants (XL)

233. Sandy — soft blanket

234. Josh — Hershey’s Kisses, blanket

235. Madi — Seahawks items, slippers (9/10)

236. Debbie — slippers (9/10), teddy bear, fuzzy blanket, fuzzy socks

237. George — blanket

238. Jeremy — socks (L), sweatpants (L)

239. Ruth — soft blankets, soft socks (L), slippers (M-L)

240. Ellen — blankets

241. Peggy — soft socks (M), pajamas (M), soft blanket

242. Cindy — soft blankets, soft socks (M)

243. Loren — items featuring Eeyore

244. Kristi — soft fuzzy socks (L), soft pants (M-L), fuzzy blanket

245. Sam — socks (L), blanket

246. Brittni — hair supplies, crocheted blanket, books

247. Leatha — soft blanket

248. Penny — Soft pants (M), slippers (M), socks (M)

249. Rocky — blanket

250. Jessie — blanket, baby dolls

251. Lillie — dog toys, blanket

252. McKenzie — fuzzy pants (L), slippers (L)

253. Larry — sweatspants (L), socks (L), blanket

254. Jolene — blanket, music

255. Samantha — pants (M), soft blanket

256. Joyce — perfume, blankets

257. Maria — hair clips, stuffed panda, “Mulan” movie, blanket

258. Meagan — sensory items, fuzzy blankets

259. Tom — sweatsuit (XL, blue, green, grey), shampoo, body wash

260. Jill — two sweatsuits (L), one sweatsuit (XL, blue, green, grey) shampoo, body wash