Former state Rep. Janice McGeachin, R-Idaho Falls, says she believes that "our country should celebrate diversity."

Then why does the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor welcome the support of those who don't?

Idaho Reports' Seth Ogilvie was the first to pick up on a thread of Facebook posts that began last week with McGeachin highlighting columnist Chuck Malloy's observation about President Donald Trump's popularity in Idaho.

"He is keeping promises he made to the voters. ..." McGeachin said.

Next came this post from Bob Jackson:

"I'm proud to be white again!"

A woman who believes "our country should celebrate diversity" would not say: "Thank you Bob."

But McGeachin did.

A woman who believes "our country should celebrate diversity" would not remain silent when Robbie DeLeon raised red flags.

"Janice McGeachin," DeLeon posted, "Why should anyone who isn't white vote for you after seeing these comments? If you want to represent our state, you need to represent everyone, not just white conservatives."

But McGeachin did.

A woman who believes "our country should celebrate diversity" would not stand on the sidelines while Jackson tried to speak on her behalf:

"She clearly doesn't need your vote OR ANY OF YOUR LIBERSL (sic) BUDDIES. THIS IS IDAHO! GO RED WAVE! #MAGA or #GTFO."

But McGeachin did.

So it went for another 24 hours, back and forth between the two sides.

McGeachin said not a word.

Not until Idaho Reports checked in.

Then she issued by email her assurance about celebrating diversity and explaining "My 'thank you' was in response to his support of Trump and my campaigns."


There's more.

Next, McGeachin posted a video from Eric Parker - yes, that Eric Parker.

He's the Hailey man whose claim to fame is a photograph depicting him in a sniper's pose, aiming an assault rifle from an overpass toward Bureau of Land Management agents below. This occurred during the 2014 Bunkerville, Nev., standoff between federal agents and public lands grazing scofflaw Cliven Bundy. After two federal trials resulted in hung juries, Parker agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

In the video, Parker encourages people to be as careful exercising their free speech rights as they are with their Second Amendment rights.

Would that suggest racist speech is all right as long as it's wrapped in a veneer of diplomacy?

If not, then why did McGeachin echo Parker's message with this post: "The same personal responsibility we practice with our 2nd Amendment right should be used with our 1st Amendment right. Whether or not you support my candidacy to become Lt. Governor, please be kind to each other and respectful with comments. We have much to do together to make this world a better place."

Because McGeachin has refused to say, you're left to guess:

Is she sympathetic to people who say they're proud to be white again?

Does she not care where her support comes from?

Is McGeachin that clueless about Idaho's unfortunate history with the Aryan Nations?

Call her negligent. Or worse, call her complicit with the darker forces in her state.

Either way, she is the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in a state that has not elected a Democrat to that office since 1974.

Odds are she's going to be one heartbeat away from the governor's desk. - M.T.