Collateral damage

You people who have quit the newspaper because of the editorial cartoon — you are hurting the paper carriers. But we will forgive you.

Pick up the phone and subscribe again.

We thank you.

Jean Wengler


Crapo’s promise

I can’t comment about other Senate Republicans, but I am confident Idaho’s own Mike Crapo will stand against the idea of selecting a new Supreme Court justice before the next president is inaugurated.

How do I know this? Because back on March 4, 2016, Crapo attended a town hall meeting at Lewis-Clark State College. He supported Mitch McConnell’s effort to thwart any Supreme Court nominee by President Barack Obama in an election year, saying vacancies that occur in a presidential election year should be filled by the next elected president.

In response to a direct question as to whether he would hold this view even if the presidency were held by a Republican, Crapo did not equivocate. He said he wouldn’t agree to approve a Supreme Court justice during a presidential election year regardless of which party held the White House. There were no qualifications or conditions to his answer.

I know this because I was the one who asked that question. More than 30 people in the audience heard his answer that day.

Crapo is an honorable man. I’m sure he never would have stood in front of a Lewiston audience and blatantly lied to his fellow Idahoans.

Perhaps if enough people clipped this letter out of the newspaper and sent it to his office, he will be reminded of the promise he made.

I fully expect Crapo to keep his promise and not support voting on any Supreme Court nominee until after the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20.

Mark M. Havens


Favors balanced approach

I am writing in response to the Sept. 19 guest editorial titled “Campaigns bring hot air to West Coast wildfires,” taken from the News Tribune of Tacoma.

I am pleased with the balanced approach taken by this editorial. We need not be stuck with one extreme position or the other. A viable short-term, ongoing help is good forestry practices. The long-term strategy must also deal with responses to global warming.

Lloyd Wallis


Just words and cloth

I would like to point out to Marvin F. Dugger that people are not kneeling to disrespect either a piece of cloth or a song. Neither of those things protect your rights while soldiers, sailors and other volunteer members of the U.S. military do.

Because of the military, I have the right to protest in a nonviolent manner. If I ever denied those rights to others because they were different from me, I would be deemed a hater.

Under current conditions, that would qualify me for the White House.

Doug Thornton


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