Why is Lewiston Tribune reporter Joel Mills surprised the Nez Perce County Commission chairman is disappointed in the Sept. 9 article about the county’s 2022 budget hearing?

Is it the cavalier attitude toward a tax increase to the maximum 3 percent that was passed rather than a 0 percent?

Is it that the only call Mills made was to the county clerk? She barely spoke at the hearing but is quoted in detail.

Maybe it’s the omission of a savings from a medical insurance premium of $75,000 that taxpayers get no relief from.

Oh right, he wasn’t at the meeting.

The most important job your county commissioners have is adopting a budget for the taxpayers. Some years we take your property tax money to cover government costs. Other years we reduce or even flat-line an increase by making adjustments in the budget. But unlike those years, we had the option of using federal money to help in different areas.

Imagine my surprise to read the county clerk state that county officials won’t commit to projects until the rules are finalized.

News flash: We already have, and so has the city of Lewiston.

My proposed 0 percent tax increase would have used federal money to cover infrastructure costs for the courthouse, thereby negating the 3 percent increase.

I’m sorry to say my other commissioners didn’t understand that concept, but the clerk did and didn’t speak up.

Taxpayers wonder why they can’t get some tax relief with all this money floating around.

This is why.

Doug Havens

Nez Perce County Commission chairman


Waste of space

You must appreciate the multiple ironies of Richard Eggleston’s latest conspiracy-theory diatribe about everything COVID-19 (Sept. 5).

As but one example, the Federal Drug Administration has already formally approved three COVID-19 vaccines under emergency use provisions and last month the FDA normalized the approval for the Pfizer vaccine.

So, while Eggleston insists (correctly) that the FDA is the standard for approving vaccines, he blatantly ignores the FDA’s staunch warning against using ivermectin to treat COIVD-19 infections.

As usual, Eggleston struggles mightily with making a coherent narrative.

Thanks to the editor of the Lewiston Morning Tribune for tagging this waste of column space with a warning to readers.

Douglas Call


Stand up for freedom

We the People are supposedly free. Freedom and rights come from natural law, not politicians. Politicians, who should be our servants, not our masters, are canceling our freedoms.

We must demand politicians honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

Governors should stop making schoolchildren wear masks all day — it’s child abuse.

Parents who worry about their kids — keep them home. Kids need to be kids. Kids need to see smiles, to run and play. This is vital for their happiness and physical and mental health.

We need to demand our freedoms. We don’t want vaccine passports, segregation by vaccination, mask mandates, intrusions into our privacy or other divisive rules. Nor do we want our children taught propaganda.

If we want our rights, we must vigorously say so.

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” said Rahm Emanuel.

After the 9/11 crisis, the Transportation Security Administration was created and George W. Bush attacked Iraq. People wanted neither, but politicians approved.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights could protect us if we protect the Constitution.

Our rights and liberties depend on Americans standing up for our freedoms. Otherwise we will quickly lose our remaining rights.

Call and write mayors, representatives and editors. Let them know your thoughts. Watch their votes.

“… The best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”—Theodore Roosevelt.

Do it now. Tomorrow may be too late.

Bridger Barnett