Choose wisely

On a recommendation from Lorin Wilson Boots’ last letter, I checked out his website for mayor. I must say that my interest was piqued by L.W.’s reference in his letter to Upton Sinclair.

Apparently, Sinclair shaped young L.W.’s views, especially on governmental regulations and oversight, in the context of employer vaccination mandates. However, after reading L.W.’s website several times, it’s hard to tell which side he’s on.

Nonetheless, with the proud endorsement of Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin prominently featured, I have to wonder if these two sovereign citizen advocates actually know anything about Sinclair other than him being the author of “The Jungle”— perhaps like his lifelong effort to advance socialism in the U.S.

Citing an avowed socialist will not earn L.W. any brownie points with Wayne Hoffman and the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

But then it dawned on me: Boots and McGeachin are a manifestation of the 45-year-long conservative Republican-led assault on education and fact — better known as the dumbing-down of America. When a badge of honor is earned and celebrated for ignorance, Boots, McGeachin and others like them are what we get for leaders today.

It makes so much sense when you look at the last 45-50 years in America. We have a representative form of government: for the people, by the people and so on. We vote for the candidate most like ourselves. L.W. may well be Lewiston’s mayor after the next election.

Cherish our democracy while you can. Ignorance is a choice. Make better choices.

Dan Aherin


Tired of stupidity

I stopped at a local restaurant the other day for lunch. There were three people seated in the booth behind me — a young man and two other people who were older (but not as old as I am). I was not trying to listen to their conversation, but the younger man was talking loud enough for me to hear him.

I picked up on the fact that he did not believe in getting the COVID-19 vaccine. He then made a statement proving how ignorant he was. He said something to the point that he didn’t understand why people were so afraid of getting sick.

It was at that point I asked the waitress if I could move to a different booth. I wanted to get away from the anti-vaxxer. She graciously said I could move, so I did.

I did not say anything to the staff about wanting to get away from the anti-vaxxer idiot.

I hope this young man never has to learn the hard way why people are afraid of getting the virus. And I hope no one in his family gets the virus and dies because they listened to his anti-vaccine rhetoric. That would be a hard lesson for him.

I went ahead and enjoyed my meal while reading my book without having to listen to his stupidity anymore. I learned a long time ago “you can’t fix stupid.”

Joan Vanhorn


Keep going, Tribune

Please don’t ever stop publishing the Lewiston Tribune. It is great. I’ve read a lot of newspapers, but yours is by far the best and it’s the only news we get.

You are honest, print honest news and cover the subjects well. Thank you.

Joyce Halvorsen


Attack dogs unleashed

Isn’t it marvelous how the Lewiston Tribune allows an occasional ray of light in its Sunday editorials? Then, the first thing Tuesday Marty Trillhaase sets his attack dogs on the authors? That’s balance, folks.

One of Trillhaase’s favorite leftists attacked Bob Hassoldt in the July 27 Tribune, stating that “One of the dumbest things the loonies on the right say is ‘The U.S. is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.’ ”

The erudite Brian Rhoades continued: “This statement proves the person uttering the words knows nothing about our republic or our democracy. And he certainly hasn’t read the Constitution.”

How wonderful that I can learn at the feet of the scholarly Rhoades, think I. Fetching the U.S. Constitution, I read in Article IV, Section 4: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of Government.”

What have I learned from Socrates of Genesee? Principally that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin actually preferred mob rule to civilized society. Pure democracy is mob rule, including riots, looting and burning — all of which occurred in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and many other American cities a year ago. A mob occupied part of Seattle last year. “Defund the police” was one of the mob’s demands.

The founders put that junk in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution to pacify the politically correct crowd of the day — they didn’t believe it for an instant.

And pigs are soaring over Genesee.

Bridger Barnett