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Who’s right?

Watching the different news channels over the years, I’ve learned something about politics. The difference between right or wrong is who is doing it.

Anna Hegar


Supports Mitchell

I am writing in support of Brandon Mitchell for Idaho House Seat 5A.

Mitchell has been part of my life for more than 30 years. I have seen him at his worst and at his best. He is undeniably a man of integrity. He loves and cares for his family and members of the community. He is an advocate for those less fortunate and serves his community without gile.

Mitchell is also an advocate for the Second Amendment, education, and religious freedoms.

Help Brandon win this election by voting Mitchell for Idaho.

Bonnie Jordan

Pasco, Wash

Works magic

August Frank, Lewiston Tribune photographer: How our Lewiston-Clarkston Valley has the privilege to view your talent almost daily is a gift beyond description. How you find such extraordinary subjects, capturing birds in flight even upside down, is magical.

Perhaps you would agree to an interview to share how you developed the ability to be in just the right moment to capture these priceless works of art. This is such a gift in times like these. Perhaps we could look forward to a calendar in the future.

I wonder if there are others who feel the same awe as I do. We are blessed. This eases the soul.

Nan Smith


More Rusche, please

How nice to read a sane and sensible response on Sept. 30 by John Rusche to one of Rick Roger’s recent inane opinion articles. It would be a welcome salve for this paper to include more from Rusche.

Frances Conklin


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