Change Idaho’s map

Wonder why Idaho election maps stay reliably red? How can that be when Idaho’s population is increasingly diverse? When so many are hungry, sick, housing-insecure or jobless? When natural resources that are Idaho’s bread and butter are threatened? When even conservative voters are disgusted by shenanigans from the president and Congress?

Idaho’s members of Congress and District 5 Republican legislators do a disservice to constituents. Humanitarian inclinations in their personal lives are abandoned when partisan votes come to the floor. Lives and livelihoods of everyday Idahoans come in second when opportunities arise to demonstrate they’re lock-step Republicans.

Why else would members of Congress give full-throated endorsement of a president who is so self-serving and puts our health, health care, jobs, environment and international reputation in jeopardy? Those aren’t partisan issues. Some appear to be running on anti-government platforms. Why would someone seek elected office just to be obstructionist and create chaos?

We’re voting for candidates who’ll restore civil discourse, genuine debate, fresh ideas, bipartisan problem-solving and science-based urgency to address climate change. We’re voting for candidates who will help restore our nation’s reputation for compassion, opportunity, fairness, strength, integrity and leadership. We’re voting for candidates who’ll think objectively, put people ahead of partisanship, work with counterparts across the aisle and consider government the people’s tool to make life better and fairer for everyone.

We’ve voted for Paulette Jordan (U.S. Senate), Rudy Soto (U.S. House), David Nelson (Idaho Senate), Dulce Kersting-Lark (Idaho House 5A) and Renee Love (Idaho House 5B). ...

Nancy Chaney and Gary Bryan


Vote for change

After years of budget, growth, management and communication disappointments, how can we possibly not consider candidates who offer new methods, new energy and the possibility of new plans?

Giving credit where credit is due: Congratulations to Chief Noel Hardin for his efforts to resolve the EMS issue.

Our current jail situation is the most recent example of poorly conceived planning and misinformation. This has led to totally unnecessary confusion and frustration among the county’s residents. After more than a year, it would appear that we are right back where we started. Even if town hall meetings are held, if the information provided is not based on any factual research, how is the public supposed to make an informed decision? It is after all our decision — not theirs.

The seemingly easy solutions may not be the correct or appropriate solutions. We learned that the hard way with the aquatic center — another good argument for open communication.

One more example is the commissioners’ failure to recognize the true value of 400 acres of county- owned property in the Heights that could generate millions of dollars of revenue. Our new county commission candidates for District 1 and District 2 actually have ideas and real plans. They need to be given a chance to implement them.

I, for one, have lost confidence in our current commissioners’ ability to lead us into the future. I will vote for the new candidates. I have not given up hope for tomorrow. Please join me. Vote for change.

Jack Worle


Reelect Trump

Let’s be clear: The meaning of devout is: very religious; earnest; sincere; heartfelt; honest; devotion; (also reference devote, dedication and vows). “China Joe” is not.

Let’s be clear: 210,000 COVID-19 deaths are not accurate numbers. Hospitals have inflated these numbers due to government funding. Reports should be coming out soon.

Let’s be clear: It’s the left that want to keep us locked up, locked down, held in fear and with no voice. Their motto is “Its all for me and not for thee.” The sane approach is to “ fear not,” written 365 times in the Bible. That’s one “fear not” for everyday we live.

Let’s be clear: At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin said: “We have a republic only if we can keep it.” That’s easier said than done. The left, if elected, will destroy the republic, take away our freedom and rights and trample on the Constitution.

Let’s be clear: The American people want to know the truth about what happened in the Oval Office on Jan. 21, 2016, when “China Joe” was present.

As we approach the polls in November, ask yourself: Do we want to be part of the solution or part of the problem?

Vote your conscience in person or by absentee, but vote.

The future depends on all of us.

God bless this great country, our president, men and women in uniform and all of those who have lost lives and business.

Marge Lunders


Chooses Lamar

More than six years ago, Tom Stroschein made the very difficult decision to hand the torch of Latah County commissioner to a successor. He wasn’t deliberately looking for someone named Tom but was pleased when a conversation over coffee resulted in Tom Lamar telling him he’d think about it.

Taking on the mantle of his predecessor’s hallmark issues, particularly the problems surrounding mental health, was important. In the six years since, the load Lamar has carried for the citizens of Latah County is significantly more impressive than the loads he carts home from the Farmers Market each week on his bicycle.

Someone (unknown) once said, “Mental illness is like fighting a war where the enemy’s strategy is to convince you that the war isn’t actually happening.” Lamar has been a champion in fighting these battles we often ignore or don’t think about.

He doesn’t need a national platform discrediting our community. He doesn’t need a bigger bicycle to carry the load. Lamar needs your vote and Latah County needs Tom Lamar to continue being your Latah County commissioner.

Ruby Stroschein


Backs Gary, Henze

Asotin County has been my home for nearly a decade and I’m glad to see some new names on the ballot for county commissioner seats. New perspectives and ideas are exciting and needed. We can’t continue to do things the way they’ve always been done and end up with progress.

I think Brad Gary’s on the right track to improve the communication, online presence and improved services.

I also think Mike Henze brings a sharp mind and ideas to the table. He clearly has a strong desire to serve others.

Both Gary and Henze were quick to answer questions I posed via email and I believe they will work hard to be positive forces for our county.

I know that getting people involved in county commissioner meetings in order to get constituent input has been difficult, especially during this pandemic. One reason is the arrogance and dismissive nature of the good old boy club that leaves people feeling they have no real representation. It should never feel humiliating to speak up at a commissioner meeting.

Asotin County is not a charter county. Residents have no way to bring issues to the ballot. We need to know our elected commissioners are approachable and willing to look at ideas that are presented by constituents and those of us most affected by the decisions.

Janet Marugg


Lewiston has heart

It is with great appreciation that we write this letter to the citizens of Lewiston and the Lewiston Tribune about the incredible aviation community that is at the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport.

Our small community has a quaint aviation museum that has received a tremendous amount of educational support from the kind folks at Hillcrest Airplane Co. and Hangar 180 in Lewiston.

We recently visited Hillcrest and Hangar 180 to present them with large thank you cards that were signed by citizens of the city of Wallowa, and the Wallowa County area for the Fourth of July fly over that graced our skies.

This incredible performance was put on for local area veterans and to help our residents celebrate our Independence Day.

During that visit, we saw local area students at Hangar 180 under the careful supervision of an inspector of aircraft doing a certification process of a P-64. These students were focused and receiving stupendous experience in an area of expertise that is hard to find these days, though obviously not in Lewiston.

Your community is very fortunate to have facilities like these to provide this kind and level of training. We feel very lucky in Wallowa County to have an airport that has generously received the students we have sent over. The students and parents share their accolades of your airport with us, and I felt it important to write you of our experience. Lewiston is truly fortunate to have an aviation community with so much heart.

Laureano L. Mier

Melincko’s Museum and Aero Cafe

Wallowa, Ore.

Endorses Burns

I strongly recommend Brooke Burns for Superior Court judge in the Asotin-Garfield-Columbia county judicial district. Burns has appeared in my courtroom on countless occasions in a diverse variety of cases during the past 14 years. She has always impressed me, whether she won or lost, not only with her intelligence and legal ability, but also with her professionalism, honesty and commitment to the highest of ethical standards.

Burns is humble and compassionate. She understands and takes very seriously the effect that a judge’s decisions have on the everyday lives of the individual litigants and businesses that come before the court. She is dedicated to hearing cases fairly and impartially, and in making decisions based on the facts and law without any agenda or bias.

This three-county judicial district is a busy, high-volume court. Burns has a strong work ethic, and she has innovative ideas for streamlining procedures, reducing backlog and minimizing delay.

When elected judge, she will come to this position full of energy, highly experienced and, importantly, with the right demeanor and temperament for the job.

David Frazier

Whitman County Superior Court judge (2001-2017)

Asotin-Garfield-Columbia county Court commissioner and judge pro tem (2019-present)


Keep up the good work

I grew up in Lewiston. My father, brother and his family live there. My wife and I have real estate holdings, both apartment and commercial, in Lewiston.

As such, we are in Lewiston about once per month. I thoroughly enjoy reading the Lewiston Tribune, which has real journalism and real journalists.

I say that as the McClatchy Group, longtime owners of the Idaho Statesman, has apparently gone through bankruptcy and sold to another company.

The Statesman’s journalism and editorial expertise in a word are horrible.

The reporting is frequently inaccurate, sentence structure has not been scrubbed by an editor and I could go on and on.

While I do not always agree with the op-ed pieces in the Tribune, they are universally well-written and fine pieces of journalism.

Keep up the good work.

Thomas C. Mannschreck


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