Agidius ignored COVID-19

Cindy Agidius’ reasons for voting for President Donald Trump ignores COVID-19. How can we ignore endangering the health and economy of the country? More than 210,000 Americans have lost their lives. Trump is lying when he promised the same treatment he got free to seniors — which is not available and which he got as compassionate care.

The trade deficit with China is lopsided. In fact, it is worse than expected, almost doubling August this year from a year before. If we had ratified the Trans Pacific Partnership, we would have sold more vehicles and agricultural goods to Asia-Pacific region by lowering thousands of tariffs on American goods and reduce Southeast Asian countries’ dependence on China. It was a way to improve seamless trade of goods, so other countries went ahead without us. We lost out.

Trump has nominated and the Senate has confirmed a record number of conservative judges, including many who are considered “not qualified” by the nonpartisan American Bar Association. Some had absolutely no trial experience but got confirmed for lifetime appointment. Even if we wanted conservative judges, I would think we wouldn’t want an unqualified one.

Before COVID-19, the budget deficit grew to nearly $1 trillion and the national debt to $23 trillion. This, after Trump promised to eliminate the national debt.

One principle of conservatives is fiscal conservatism and balanced budgets. The pre-COVID economy was doing well, so budget deficits should have gone down. But tax cuts for the rich exploded the budget deficit.

Charlotte Omoto


Unfair to Culp

The 69 percent of Washington voters in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties will happily see to the reelection of Jay Inslee, the worst governor ever, over challenger Loren Culp.

Thus it seems so unnecessary for the Tribune’s Oct. 11 Northwest headline, “Culp faces lawsuit over child sex abuse investigation.”

The clear implication: Culp must be guilty of something, or there wouldn’t be a lawsuit and investigation, right? Ever see the movie, “Absence of Malice”?

It’s unimaginable that all possible stories for the section were so insignificant that this one demanded priority. No, despite protestations, the Lewiston Tribune management consciously decides story management and the headline writer knows where the butter comes from for his toast.

Readers must follow two pages to the 11th paragraph to discover the lawsuit is barely about Culp at all. There, it becomes clear that (a) Culp is not accused of a sex crime, and (b) he had zero official authority in the matter. This reporting and headline implications, weeks before the election, seem designed to damage Culp’s chances of ever becoming governor.

The Tribune will argue this news story deserves reporting, but most people don’t know the headlines are written by the Tribune over news stories from other sources. Congratulations to the Tribune’s headline writer for being, um, creative.

Why lay your thumb on the scales when it is so unnecessary? If the Culp-Inslee election were potentially close, it might make some queer sense, but the treatment of the story would still be unethical.

Rick Rogers


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