Parting shots

A portion of this letter was omitted from Sunday’s Opinion page. It is being reprinted in full.

With great sadness we must end or at least suspend our subscriptions to both newspapers.

I’m uncertain how many routes are without carriers. Ours is. ...

The postal system has been inconsistent. Often, the paper isn’t there — we’re supposed to get the morning edition in the afternoon mail.

Holidays are worse, especially when the holiday is Monday. The Sunday Lewiston Tribune comes Tuesday afternoon.

That may be a joyful message of hope for conned Republicans, many of whom believe a conspiracy theory that Democrats and liberals are baby-eating child molesters. ...

Parting shots:

l Speaking of absurd, Metaverse (formerly Facebook) webpage manager’s flawed algorithyms are specifically designed to keep users, including Donald Trump’s judicial appointees, angry, divided and believing anything.

l Misinformation from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial judge, who ruled that lawyers cannot use the word “victim” to describe dead victims, saying the word is too inflammatory. But calling them rioters, looters or insurgents is OK? Huh?

l The judge in the Amaud Arbery trial says there are serious problems with the jury’s racial makeup, but allowed the trial to proceed. Paraphrased, the ruling says: “Shut up whiners, this is Georgia. ...”

l How duped are Always Trumpers? They believe conspiracy theorists who proclaim John F. Kennedy Jr. will arise from his hidey hole to become Trump’s running mate in 2020. ...

l Uninformed Always Trumpers have proven their cluelessness, supporting these rulings that, in truth, represent the saplings of fascism. ...

Unlike fascism, socialism allows religious freedom, wokeness and creativity.

Jim Roach


Make the request

Along with most everyone watching the dam/salmon drama, the Lewiston Tribune’s Opinion page editor (Oct. 21) will be surprised to learn that the litigants in the decades-long federal case have never asked for dam breaching as a solution to the problem. Never.

While the plaintiffs and their allies have implored publicly that the earthen embankments holding back the lower Snake River be breached, they have never asked any of the three federal judges presiding over the long-running case to use the court’s “inherent authority” to exercise the one solution that will recover salmon and end the legal arguments.

Now we learn from a court filing that ... “No party in this lawsuit, however, has moved for such an order, nor have the parties presented legal argument on whether the court legally can enter any such order. Thus, it is premature to consider this issue.”

It seems obvious to me that the Northwest Power Act, the Endangered Species Act and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution all provide sufficient language for the judicial branch to order dam breaching.

I am reminded of the hopeful schoolchild waiting endlessly to be asked to the dance while the shy classmate finds too many reasons why not to make “The Ask.” The prom goes on without them, and only their parents know of the sad dilemma.

With only a short window of opportunity left open before salmon and orcas spiral to extinction, the time has come to make “The Ask.” Get up your gumption. ...

Scott Levy


No CRT in schools

... Through the work and sacrifices of many great Americans, such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., this nation has come a long way toward recognizing the equality and inherent worth of all human beings. Unfortunately, this principle is once again under attack, this time from a dangerous ideology known as critical race theory.

CRT is a world view that divides us into groups of oppressor vs. oppressed based on skin color. It encourages viewing others, not based on their character or merit (since meritocracy is dismissed as racist), but rather their race. Those who happen to be white must view themselves as guilty for slavery and all past acts of racism. ...

Those who happen to be people of color are told to view themselves as victims of a systemically racist society in which true success is impossible unless they are white. ...

To teach this ideology to young children is to attempt to turn children into combatants in a philosophical war they cannot possibly understand. Unfortunately, this may quickly become a reality in Washington’s schools. This year, the Legislature imposed on Washington schools that school staff must be trained in “cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion. ...”

These terms have often been used as a mask for CRT. ...

Find out what is being taught to the kids in your community and do what you can to prevent this divisive and dehumanizing view from being forced on our children. Please contact for more information. ...

Lydia Fletcher