Mocking goofy liberals

On a recent NBC “Today Show,” Savannah Guthrie announced great news that the U.S. has finally opened its Canada and Mexico borders to “only the vaccinated.”

Let her ridiculous statement sink in.

Now consider the blue ribbon hypocrisy perfectly exemplified when people opposed to vaccine/mask mandates who say, “It’s my body, my choice,” have to listen to pro-abortionists scream, “It’s my body, my choice.”

And while on the subject, why do liberals declare unborn aren’t human beings but refuse to use phraseology such as: “Hey honey, put your hand right here on my tummy and you can feel our fetus move.” Or, “Hi Sue, how much longer before your fetus is born?”

This is total and complete liberal hypocrisy on display.

So I received the vaccine and still have to wear protection when I shop in the socialist state of Washington. Protection from what?

Instead of that cloth mask that fails to strain lentil soup, I wear a crash helmet from my crop duster days and military surplus oxygen mask with a Listerine bottle on the end of the hose. But goofy liberals who wear a mask while driving think I’m mocking them.

Well, of course I am, proving once again that seniors can have a lot of daytime fun when you put your mind to it during tragic and challenging times.

John Webb



My congratulations to those of you who were elected to Lewiston city and school board offices on Nov. 2.

My thanks to the other candidates for your willingness to serve the people of Lewiston in important positions. It is heartwarming to know there were so many people willing to take on time-consuming work, without pay, for the benefit of our community. Please keep involved in the city and school board discussions important to us all. Volunteer to serve.

To those who were elected to the offices — do your homework and be informed for discussions. And please, no more flip-flops, shorts, jeans or unbecoming attire for members of our Lewiston City Council.

I’m so old I can remember when the council members wore suits, sport coats, a shirt with a tie and the women wore dresses or pants suits. They looked professional and I believe they were treated professionally.

Sharrol St. Marie


Take the next step

On Nov. 2, Lewiston took a historic first step back to democratic representation with the passage of Proposition 1 and the direct election of a mayor and a mostly new slate of councilors.

Now, it’s time to take the next step ... and elect our councilors by district. ...

Districts could be open to all voters citywide. ...

(Another way is to actually have the districts nestled in geographic constituencies (i.e., candidates can only run if they live in the district).

Each option has pros and cons, although as a former candidate for council, I can easily say districts make far more sense than what we have now — what I call a jumbled mess.

Having district elections citywide enables any voter to participate in any race. For candidates, we can actually have in-depth discussions and debates on issues vs. trying to stand out just a bit more in a crowded race.

However, districts based on geography likely ensure proper representation and focus on the needs of that district’s residents. ...

The jumbled mess of results is suggested by the Lewiston Tribune to be the result of a “sophisticated, disciplined electorate.” Well then, how come every candidate knew it came down to simply how many people you knew? ...

One would think after the election we just went through we would want experience on the city council, where the real power resides regardless of who is mayor. This system only reinforces the subordinate nature of the council to staff. ...

Gabriel Iacoboni