Vote for McCann

I would like to provide your readers with my perspective on the candidacy of Lori McCann for the Idaho House.

I have known McCann for about eight years, both as a friend and as an employer. She and I have had many deep political conversations sitting in her office. Most of these took place long before she became active in politics so I feel I can speak of her beliefs “pre-politics.”

She was selected by Gov. Brad Little to fill the house seat formally occupied by Aaron von Ehlinger and she had to quickly assume von Ehlinger’s duties in Boise with little advance notice. But she was well prepared to take on that responsibility due to her previous law experience and knowledge as a professor at Lewis-Clark State College and in her husband’s law practice.

Her conservative roots run deep in Idaho and she has an uncanny ability to quickly determine the important and relevant facts in any situation. Her beliefs run the gamut of the Republican Party. But she is, overall, a centrist Republican. She refuses to become beholden to any one group within the party, but she is willing to listen to all points of view before deciding where she stands on any one issue.

Please join me in voting for Lori McCann as our District 6, seat A representative.

Bruce McCormick


Don’t fall for the lies

It’s alarming to read all the false claims in the avalanche of mailings we have received in the run-up to the primary election. Serving for eight years as the elected representative for Latah and Benewah counties, I know what was really happening in Boise during the legislative session. Don’t believe the lies.

I support candidates who defend law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, farmers, loggers and small businesses — candidates who always consider the interest of Idaho taxpayers while doing the important work of running our state.

I support keeping leaders who show integrity and honor in the Capitol, those who tell the truth and who don’t mislead our voters with lies and false statements.

That’s why my votes will go to Brad Little for governor, Scott Bedke for lieutenant governor, Debbie Critchfield for state schools superintendent, and Phil McGrane for secretary of state.

Please join me when casting your vote on Tuesday.

Caroline Nilsson Troy


Backs Kingsley

I fully support Mike Kingsley for the Legislature.

Kingsley has fought for the little guy, has shown us he remembers who he represents and has stayed true to his principles.

Look, I don’t expect to agree with anybody 100% on every issue. I look for character as much as ideology nowadays and Kingsley has stood for us with integrity and honor. He has not been bought out or paid off by leadership (I am looking at you, House Speaker Scott Bedke).

Kingsley has stood for lower taxes, pro-family values and our interests as a community and district.

I encourage everybody to vote Mike Kingsley on Tuesday.

Gabriel Iacoboni


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