Where’s the ammo?

I would like to know why we can’t get any of Vista Outdoor’s products in our local sporting good stores? Vista Outdoors — formerly CCI Speer, Federal and O-Mark — has three different manufacturers in Nez Perce County. It seems to me that they could at least support the local economy of our town.

Scott Olson


Misleading cartoon

I recognize the Lewiston Tribune is trying to abide by the wishes of some conservative readers to have conservative views on its political cartoons. However, the one in the Feb. 20 paper with a Biden/Harris supporter frozen with frozen wind turbines in the background of “Stop global warming! Build more windmills” sign is very misleading.

There are plenty of wind turbines in cold climates, including in Antarctica, and they work fine. The problem is Texas didn’t want federal regulation of its energy grid so it has its own Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

With lax regulation, they didn’t winterize their turbines, nor winterize other energy generation, including natural gas, coal and nuclear, despite the fact that they suffered severe cold in 2011. El Paso learned its lesson in 2011 and it winterized, had way fewer problems and was not part of ERCOT.

In fact, the solution to these extreme climates is reducing the use of fossil fuels. So, yes, build more wind turbines and solar panels.

They can also benefit by putting in massive battery backup like Australia did. It helped to stabilize the grid as Australia transitioned to renewables and saved tens of millions of dollars.

Australia purchased these huge battery back-ups because the country also faced nearly a total blackout after huge storms. As in Texas, conservative politicians blamed the outage due to renewable energy. But after installing these batteries, the cost to stabilize South Australia’s electrical grid dropped by 91 percent, which was passed on to customers.

Charlotte Omoto


Defeating COVID-19

The first death in the U.S. from COVID-19 was in Seattle in February 2020.

A year later, we have more than 513,000 deaths, 28.4 million cases and a president who is making defeating the virus his No. 1 priority. ...

Former President Donald Trump disbanded the Pandemic Response Team, called COVID-19 a hoax, said it was going to disappear, disinfectant knocks it out in a minute, when it gets warmer it would miraculously go away and it is like a flu.

He announced, “We’ve stopped it,” it would stop on Election Day and finally: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

After he lost the election, he didn’t even bother lying about it. When he was finally out of office on Jan. 20, some 400,000 Americans were dead and 3,000 Americans were dying each day.

President Joe Biden has vowed beating the virus, reestablishing our economy and reopening our schools are his goals.

He has set up a COVID-19 Response Office, accessed supplies needed to fight COVID-19, enlisted top medical and scientific personnel, provided funding and direction to states, created more testing sites, provided an increase of 70 percent of doses to vaccinate Americans and currently has a coronavirus relief package going through Congress.

The health of our nation and our economy hangs in the balance. Biden wants to restore trust with the American people and save our lives. The least we can do is show trust in our president by wearing our masks and following the health guidelines we’re given.

Pat Bates