Trump’s going crazy

I having been reading articles about how President Donald Trump is planning on confiscating state voting machines, calling on troops to protect him, sending alternative electors to the Electoral College, etc.

Maybe he will ask Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas or Samuel Alito to swear him in as president?

I am “shocked, but not surprised” — to quote Mark Shields. I would much prefer that Trump leave the office of the presidency quietly and is never heard from again.

But there is an advantage to Trump going crazy, acting violently, stirring up sedition, etc.

I hope that the military and Republican leaders come to the defense of our constitutional system. I suspect that they will. And I suspect that the courts will continue to reject every baseless Trump claim regarding election fraud.

But if he refuses to leave the White House, I might enjoy seeing Trump — the big loser — being dragged out or marched out — perhaps in handcuffs — and eventually placed in the appropriate institution where he can get the help he needs.

Myron Schreck


Thanks, Inland 360

Talk about an unexpected gift for the New Year 2021.

I really want to express our communities’ thanks to Inland 360 for its compilation of images taken by numerous talented photographers during the past year.

This truly portrayed the real story behind 2020’s motto: “We’re all in this together.”

So much information was packed into each daily square of hoped-for events for 2021. The photos were full of life and energy, especially the cover. It continued through each month, reflecting quiet beauty and exuberant life of youth.

The back has a message written in the dark sky of the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, observing even nature is being hopeful: “This too shall pass.”

To all who work for our daily newspapers, your courage and efforts are not in vain. You have striven against all odds to keep us informed in changing times.

As Tiny Tim shouted: “God bless us, everyone.”

Nan Smith


Tribune denigrates readers

It does little good for Tribune publisher Chatsworth Osborne say people are more alike than we are different when his paper is actively involved in putting down people in the community.

It’s bad enough that Marty Trillhaase calls opponents of mask mandates “ignorant.”

Far worse is that at least twice now Joel Mills has been allowed to argue the topic in the course of what is supposed to be straightforward reporting on the Lewiston City Council (Sept. 9 and Dec. 15).

Mask mandates are hardly the first topic on which some residents have tended to speak more from the heart than the head when addressing the council. Those comments never required counter arguments from whoever had the city beat.

Even if Mills’ assessment was free from bias (and it wasn’t), counterpoint — if such exists —is supposed to come from a source, not the reporter.

People aren’t as stupid as you seem to think, Winthorpe. They know when a reporter is crossing the line and they know when they’re being treated with malice instead of respect.

They aren’t going to say, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” each time you whack them, Neidermeyer. They’re going to stop reading your newspaper.

If the Tribune one day follows its Salt Lake City namesake into publishing just once a week it won’t be because of COVID-19 or changing times but because a virus of self-righteous, dogmatic condescension toward readers infected its leadership, its opinion page and its newsroom.

Thomas A. Hennigan


Do the right thing

In regard to those people who object to wearing masks as infringing on their freedom, they should consider these words from the late, great Peter Marshall: “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”

It is obvious that what is right is to not endanger the health of others through one’s selfishness or carelessness.

And as proven by COVID-19 statistics in the contrast between Idaho County where masks are not required (954 cases) and Valley County where masks have been required for months (373), wearing masks do a great deal in preventing infections.

Please, folks, do what is right, be considerate and mask up.

Dixie Johnson