Questions about Burns

In the Lewiston Tribune’s July 15 article about Judge Scott D. Gallina, I believe the following was stated. After a list of women’s names were released, “most expressed fear or unwillingness to do any thing because of Gallina’s position as superior judge.”

One of the names printed was court commissioner Brooke Burns, who is currently running for Superior Court judge.

So my question to the voters and readers is: Why would anyone want a judge who has a fear of being on the right side of the law?

If Burns would not stand up and help any wrongs be straightened out, what kind of judge would she become.

I do believe this case has been dragged out long enough and it is costing taxpayers a lot of money.

Surely the Washington State Patrol that did the investigation would have contacted Burns to at least find out if she had been told of the allegations. And Burns, a court commissioner, should have been concerned.

Also, remember Burns is the daughter of Asotin County Commissioner Brian Shinn, who is also a candidate for his current position.

I personally do not want a judge who will not stand up for human rights, especially if politics is involved.

Jim Griffin


Heroes among us

As we continue to confront the coronavirus pandemic, the people who staff the Idaho State Veterans Home in Lewiston have quietly taken care of their veterans with devotion and dedication.

In other parts of the country, veterans homes have been the site of infections and deaths, but their record here in Lewiston is impeccable. They have kept their charges free from the coronavirus as far back as mid-March by jumping on it with a rigorous safety protocol and only allowing the professional employees of the home to enter.

Without the help of volunteers, the relatively small, but tireless group of dedicated people had been keeping the veterans safe, secure and happy every single day for six months.

Mark High, administrative head, Terri Brockman, activities/volunteer coordinator, Chuck Powell, chaplain and Marvin Delp, facilities foreman, along with food workers, attendants and the amazing medical staff have quietly and selflessly made it happen. This community, which has always loved its veterans, profoundly thanks them.

We owe a giant debt of gratitude to all who serve our veterans. You, too, are our heroes.

Nan Vance


Wear the mask

Apparently those following President Donald Trump’s ideology that there is no pandemic believe the nationwide resurgence of spiking infections and deaths is totally a result of increased testing.

I think you need a serious historical review of what a pandemic is and what it does to a country and the world in which we live. Besides the health toll on our families, friends and citizens, there’s an implosion on businesses, both national and local, that drives our economy toward the brink of disaster. If there are no customers able to shop, there is no economy. It’s not rocket science here, plain and simple. Even the so-called business guy called the president of the United States should know that.

Many states believed his tweets and opened fast and early. They are now reaping the fallout from increased health care costs. First responders such as nurses, firefighters, police officers and hospital staff are bearing the brunt and being pushed to exhaustion. Where do you think our country will be without them?

I don’t like the new norm, either. I miss the luxury of going to stores, restaurants and bars without looking like I’m about to do something bad. But until the pandemic is under real control, we have to make the effort to limit the spread of virus to others — our friends, neighbors and citizens. Businesses can only do their part, so you do yours.

Wear the damned mask in public places — or stay the hell home and call for home delivery.

Mike Petrusky


Appeasing Trump

U.S. Sens. Jim Risch’s and Mike Crapo’s appeasement helped create Donald Trump, the mad president. They must be held to account.

A friend told me recently that anonymous federal agents were loose in Portland, hauling away protesters in unmarked vehicles. I didn’t believe her. I was sure it was fake news from Russian trolls.

Then I learned I was wrong. But, in my own defense, I read it was only one protester, who was taken away in a minivan. He later was released.

It was just another outrage, like using federal helicopters flying low over Washington, D.C., employing combat tactics to disperse insurgents. It was like the attorney general and the president following troops and tear gas across Lafayette Square for a photo-op with the Bible at the church.

Then I read about Christopher David, 53, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who worked for the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps. David read about federal agents in Portland, then went downtown to see for himself.

I saw a video of a gang of anonymous federal agents in combat gear rousting protesters. I saw David stand before them and ask them why they were not honoring their oath to the Constitution.

He stood before them with his hands at his side. One agent beat him with a baton. The agent’s baton broke David’s hand. Then another agent sprayed him with pepper spray or something similar.

Risch is seeking re-election. It’s time to find someone who will stand up for “we the people.”

Bill Loftus


Stepping toward fascism

Last February, I submitted a letter to the Lewiston Tribune outlining the steps toward fascism.

I repeat No. 4: “Wait for, or fabricate, a situation in which the opposition threatens violence — then the Trump propaganda machine will call on God-fearing good people to rise up and obey his command.”

So now President Donald Trump uses Customs and Border Protection agents as his private goon squad, attacking demonstrators, refusing to identify themselves and hauling demonstrators away in unmarked vehicles?

I know I am not the only one who sees this illegal, unconstitutional invasion by federal troops as the first step in his plan to abrogate the Constitution altogether and declare martial law. He can then claim the election is a fraud, or worse, prevent it from happening.

I didn’t realize that running a secret police force to terrorize and occupy an American city was part of Attorney General Bill Barr’s purview or responsibilities. This is what one sees under the auspices of a dictator’s interior minister.

We need to shut this down now because Trump has said that they’re planning on bringing it to a city near you. Portland is a test case. I’m sure Idaho’s senators and congressmen are dealing with this crisis.

Oh wait. ...

John Fellman


Destroying the suburbs

Just before he walked out of the White House door for the last time, President Barack Obama’s administration passed regulations with the Orwellian title of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule. The plan would give the federal government full control of what sort of houses are built in every American community, in part by requiring a certain amount of low-income housing to be part of every suburban subdivision.

The rule would also essentially outlaw the single-family home as a means to promote multifamily residences so that Washington could flood every community with immigrants, refugees, Black Lives Matter or anyone they feel should be injected into any particular community.

This rule had not yet been implemented when the Trump administration took over. Since Ben Carson took over as housing secretary, the rule has been purposefully delayed.

Still, it is an official rule, and if the administration does not formally strike it off the books, it will have to go into effect sooner or later.

For the past several weeks, President Donald Trump has been targeting this rule and saying he intends to eliminate it. ...

Last week, the president mentioned Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats want to “abolish the American suburbs” and Trump announced that his administration is moving forward to eliminate the AFFH rule. ...

Trump continued Biden and his bosses from the radical left want to significantly multiply what they’re doing now. What will be the end result is you will totally destroy the beautiful suburbs. ...

Frank Ehrmantraut


Fighting Trump’s crises

Our country is facing multiple crises coming at us from all directions. We are in deep trouble. Our feckless president, Donald Trump, doesn’t have a clue about what needs to be done to get out of these problems.

First, we have the public health crisis (COVID-19). This crisis was caused by Trump’s colossal failure to come up with a national coordinated plan to fight this virus when he had the chance. He knew about it the beginning of January and did nothing.

The economic crisis was mainly caused by COVID-19. Trump thinks he can fix our economic problems by just telling the states to reopen their businesses without following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. We all know how well that has worked out — record number of cases in most of our states. The rising number of cases was caused by Trump’s stupidity and arrogance.

Then there is the unemployment crisis with millions of people out of work. Does Trump have a plan to get people back to work? The answer is a resounding no.

The race relations and policing crisis is one that’s been brewing for years. What does Trump do? He doubles down on his racist rhetoric. Instead of solving the problems, he purposely makes them worse.

If we had a real president instead of a reality television clown, we would have a chance to dig ourselves out of this hole. But we don’t have a real president, so basically we are screwed.

Joan Vanhorn


Knows all

Poor old Brian Rhoades, it must be hard when you can see all and know all.

Why can you know what other people feel or think or what their motives are?

But what we have here, people, are some people around here who are not tolerant of other people’s views.

What an economic power house from a man who controls his family’s fortune to a T.

It’s too bad that all that brain power is in such a small mind that you can not see or understand that other people have the right to say things that might hurt your little feelings.

Greg Barnes


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