Prices going up-up-up

Whee — no more Keystone Pipeline and the gas prices are going crazy. Way to go, sleepy Joe.

Prices on everything are going up-up-up but dumb-o doesn’t care.

I’m not a Bible thumper, but I wish the “big guy” would strike him in the ass to wake him up.

All the people down below him need to be voted out so we can go back to the normal way of getting things done.

God bless America and its people.

Come on, man.

Gary Browning



Why don’t you just take the option off to see the inmate list?

It’s been more than 1½ years. I’m sick of seeing something that’s never going to change, especially since it’s something I used all the time to find people.

You just make it frustrating that we can’t see the Asotin County list at all without the Lewiston Tribune doing it.

And now you don’t even take the old list off. So there’s no hope for seeing it again or what?

If not, then take the option off, please. It’s frustrating and irritating.

Meli Martinez


Too close for comfort

We can’t say thank you enough to all of the people who worked so hard (and fast) putting out the Canada Hill fire. We live on Canada Hill on Dewey Avenue, just below the fire. And believe us, it was too close for comfort.

It was simply amazing all of the planes, helicopters, fire trucks and firefighters who were here working to put out the fire. At one point, we noticed two small fires moving toward our neighbor’s propane tank and notified the Orofino Police Department. An officer came immediately and put them out.

We were watering our yard and got a shower from one of the planes — we were just happy they were there.

We had been down at the park that morning for the Old Fashioned Sunday and bought mugs and T-shirts from the Clearwater Valley Fire District Auxiliary. We wish we had given them a larger donation.

Once again, thank you so much. We are so thankful for you.


Dawson and

Roger Skinner


Proceed with caution

I would like to urge the Lewiston City Council, the Nez Perce County commissioners and the citizens of Lewiston to proceed with caution when considering the Union Gospel Mission’s request to change the current city ordinance of a 50-person cap on homeless shelters. Lewiston does not want to become a destination stop for homeless people from other areas. All one has to do is a little research on Seattle and Portland to see where this could lead to.

Please use serious thought with this issue. Property owners, tenants and businesses along Snake River Avenue and the surrounding neighborhoods might want to attend the Aug. 2 city council meeting.

Jackie Meisner