Be there

Pro-life marches will take place in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country on Jan. 22.

But does a simple walk in support of life really matter? Is it worth the time and is it a cause worthy enough to stand up (and out) for?

A few years ago, Father Nathan Dail, formerly of All Saints Church, addressed this issue prior to the local, all-inclusive Lewiston-Clarkston Valley Pro Life March.

He spoke thoughtfully to the power and importance of simply showing up as a presence to support life and its actual impact, even in a quietly understated way. Sure, there are numerous, important other ways to help out the cause. But, please, don’t over look this simple, impactful one. Your personal presence at the walk by taking a stand does matter.

Life is precious and this is a wonderful opportunity to show support for it. The walk takes place in downtown Lewiston at Brackenbury Square at 10 a.m.

Ronda Granlund


Grazing prevents wildfires

Attention Idaho taxpayers: As of December, the cost of the Snake River Complex wildfire south of Lewiston on land managed and controlled by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been estimated to be in the range of $7.3 million, with more federal invoices that could substantially change the cost to come in. This is according to the Idaho Department of Lands.

Here is only one of the many questions that arise from the devastating fire: How many tons of sediment will end up in the Snake and Salmon rivers during the 2022 spring runoff? Of course, the rivers will run brown to damn near black, damaging the spring fish runs also managed by Fish and Game.

When is Fish and Game going to get some common sense and properly graze cattle on this land to reduce fuels and prevent fires like this from happening?

Since Fish and Game has taken over management of this land, there has been a wildfire nearly every four to five years. Perhaps, instead, the Idaho Department of Lands should manage all state-owned wild lands.

I say yes.

P.J. Walker


Biden’s inept

During President Joe Biden’s Jan. 6 speech, how many times did he call former President Donald Trump’s name? Many.

Biden hates Trump so much he has destroyed many of Trump’s good policies.

Gasoline was around $2. Now it’s $3.50-plus.

Your grocery bill is up 7% to 23%.

The backbone of our country is agriculture. Because of Joe’s energy policy, anhydrous has doubled in price from last year. That hurts farmers.

How many thousands of Americans have died from illicit drugs coming into the country because of Biden’s open border policy?

Even Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer understand and have said we need to have security on our borders. There is a process for immigrants to come in to the country legally. How many billions are being spent on illegals?

Thirteen Marines died. Americans and friendly supporters were left behind and $85 billion of military equipment was left for the enemy by the inept Biden administration’s leadership in the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Is Biden going to send millions to the Taliban like Obama did?

I don’t think Biden understands how much he is hurting middle-, low- and fixed-income Americans. Does he even care? He doesn’t seem to.

At least we can hope Joe Manchin will continue to hold the line on the socialistic spending bill of the Democratic Party. If you want more government in your lives, keep supporting the current administration.

We learned from Kamala Harris that Jan. 6 compares to Sept. 11 and Pearl Harbor. Seriously.

Jerry R. Linehan