Stop flying Trump flags

To the people who insist on displaying Trump flags after the siege of our country’s Capitol on Wednesday: Shame on you.

Flying that flag is akin to flying the Confederate flag. All are losers.

Peace and unity.

Wendy Larson


Conflicts of interest

The Nez Perce County commissioners have asked the city of Lewiston for changes to the Joint Powers Agreement that created the Lewiston – Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority board.

In this agreement two members are appointed by the county and two members are appointed by the city. These four members pick a fifth member at large.

In the JPA, it is stipulated that each member will get paid $300 per month.

Now because of an Idaho law (IC 74-405), the county wants the $300 wage dropped from the JPA.

Why? Because the county appointees who are on the airport board have leases or subleases with the airport.

The Idaho law would make them ineligible to be on the airport board because there would be a conflict of interest whenever they were to vote on a lease agreement.

The fifth member also has this problem. The two city members don’t.

Oh, by the way, one of the county board members is the chairman of the board and is on the Legislature’s interim committee that is investigating getting intrastate airline service for the state.


Ged W. Randall



On Wednesday, not only America but the entire world saw the biggest con ever created culminate with the domestic terrorist attack on democracy at our nation’s Capitol.

As a veteran, I am totally disgusted seeing that and all veterans who served past and present and deserve full apologies.

Credit goes to President Donald Trump for inciting thousands of fools to attack our institution and injure several police officers who bravely attempted to keep peace. Ultimately, they killed an African American policeman in the melee.

Trump posted a video saying “we’re going to the Capitol” but never left his hiding spot in the White House, demonstrating his cowardice to the world.

For months now he has been feeding you followers the Kool-aid — and that includes many so-called Republican members of Congress, such as locals Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Russ Fulcher.

All the representatives and senators who have shown no backbone to stand up for America and tell Trump no are complicit in that attack on America’s Capitol.

They’re solely concerned about maintaining their positions and desires for reelection.

Some now send texts — too little, too late — of condemnations. But they now are in seclusion to avoid those tough questions from constituents. Remember them for their inactions when they’re campaigning next time for office.

Looking forward from here, I hope those misguided individuals who believed Trump’s lies and corrosive actions realize they were duped and resolve to work together peacefully for a better and brighter United States of America.

Mike Petrusky


Overwhelmed by kindness

Our families would like to extend our feelings of warmth and gratitude to everyone who contributed to the annual Senior Wish List project.

The year 2020 has been a different kind of challenge for all of us. Despite the obstacles presented by the pandemic, we knew that somehow our project would prevail. This year, we were beyond overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of love and generosity from you, the community. The hundreds of beautifully wrapped and decorated gifts that once lined the walls of the Lewiston Tribune were delivered to 232 nursing home residents just before Christmas.

It’s breathtaking and magical to see what a community can do for those in need. The positivity and support we continue to receive has driven this project into success for the past 38 years.

There are no words to express our complete thanks to those who were able to donate and spread the word of our project. We couldn’t do it without you.

We will continue this project of bringing Christmas magic and joy to the elderly residents of the valley for many years to come. It’s truly a blessing to share with our family and yours.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Helen Wilks and Ellen Smith


Stop the treason

Our founding fathers risked being hanged by the neck until dead to bring our great country into existence. Similar courage is now needed, and if it cannot be summoned, we may well deserve the fate awaiting us.

Patriotic citizens must be brave enough to suffer the rebukes and hostility of those whose hatred for President Donald Trump “burns with the passion of a thousand suns.”

However, to me this is no longer about Trump, but about truth, honesty and transparency, and my right to equal representation.

To accept Joe Biden as our legitimate chief executive, we must believe that American voters pounded the Democrats in congressional, state and local elections but chose an almost senile, totally corrupt and entrenched politician as leader of the free world.

We’re asked to believe that Biden dramatically underperformed among minorities and still got millions more votes than Barack Obama. The left tells us we must admit that Biden got fewer votes than Hillary Clinton nationwide, except in those five key municipalities — where it seems there were more votes tallied than voters available.

In order to trust the integrity of this election, we must accept a perfect storm of implausible anomalies and incredible irregularities.

I, for one, will not close my eyes to this betrayal of the American people. I am going to continue to voice my frustration that our (supposed) leaders haven’t yet stopped the treason. ...

Dennis Fuller


Setting the example

Kudos to Dr. Warren Ellison for: 1) getting the COVID-19 vaccine and 2) receiving it publicly to affirm the belief in its safety and efficacy.

Kudos to the Lewiston Tribune for the front page story emphasizing the importance of immunizations.

One only needs to see one case of tetanus or one case of polio — as I did in training — to unequivocally believe in vaccines.

Cameron Hinman, M.D.


McConnell doesn’t care

With very little effort, I found out why Sen. Mitch McConnell does not want to give us minions $2,000 checks.

McConnell and his wife are only worth about $22.5 million.

I have also heard the terms: a Social Democrat or just a Democrat; a Republican or a Trumplican.

So to wrap this up: McConnell could care less about giving the people of the United States $2,000 checks because he doesn’t need it. By the way, which kind of Democrat or Republican are you?

Alan Syron


Overly exposed

Brian Rhoades, when you are expressing your rights of not wearing pants, you might want to be careful and not get picked up for indecent exposure.

Larry Nuxoll


Poorly educated

What happened in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday may indicate the end of civility in this country. It is the inevitable result of a disintegrating education system — whether public, private or home-based — where teachers are not well-trained, well-paid, held responsible or well-respected. Thomas Jefferson’s great vision for an educated populace was to prevent loutish disregard for the common good, to use the common good as a way to a better life.

There is great value in the common good. A well-rounded education leads us to it, helps us to incorporate it into our lives and pass it on to our children. Championing it does not make one a socialist, communist, Republican or Democrat. It makes us an American.

Frances Ford


Oust Trump now

We need to implement our 25th Amendment now. It is not safe to be 12 more days without a president.

Carl and Susie



Made America great again

If something is going to destroy America, it will not be undocumented workers, same-sex marriage, radical Muslims, marijuana, hippies or abortion. If it were to be destroyed, I believe it would be caused by unreasonable fears, uncontrolled hatred, politicians, hate-based religions, deliberate misinformation and an uneducated, gullible populace.

On Wednesday, you may have seen all the proof necessary to prove that 45th president of the United States presents a clear and present danger to this country.

On Nov. 3, my vote made America great again and now it is time to lock him up.

Please be so kind as to recall all politicians who supported this coup attempt.

Doug Thornton


Impeach Trump

Now that Congress has counted the electoral votes, it is time for the House to impeach Donald Trump and for the Senate to convict him.

Trump intimidated and threatened the secretary of state of Georgia — requesting him to “recalculate” election results — in spite of being told that his allegations of election irregularities were disproved and baseless.

Trump’s conduct was criminal.

Then Trump incited a riot, encouraging his supporters to show strength, not weakness.

They committed felonies when they unlawfully entered and vandalized the Capitol.

More than a dozen police officers were injured. One protester was killed, which could be the basis of felony murder charges against rioters and those who incited the riot.

Trump could have foreseen that armed protestors would storm the building illegally and that someone might be killed during this violent protest. ...

Trump’s criminal liability should be addressed in the courts. Congress, however, should immediately move to impeach and convict Trump if only to disqualify him from holding any federal office in the future. The outrageous conduct of a president fomenting insurrection — to retain power after he has lost an election — must be addressed by Congress. Failing to punish such conduct will only embolden Trump and his supporters.

Trump has vowed to continue his “fight.”

I anticipate that his “fight” will include violence, don’t you?

If you excuse Trump’s conduct because you believe that the election was stolen, then are you also excusing the violence, the injuries to the police officers, and the death of the protester?

Myron Schreck