Vick wants to deny our right to pursue initiatives

Sen. Steve Vick dropped an enormous pile of political bovine excrement at the feet of Idaho voters. He hopes we won’t notice.

SB 1110 will put further restrictions on the rights of Idaho voters to use the initiative and referendum process. … Sen. Vick claims that rural voters don’t have a voice in the initiative process. He is absolutely wrong.

The initiative process does two things: (1) if successful, it puts an issue on the ballot for Idaho voters to decide; (2) it makes all Idahoans aware of the issue. It’s this second piece that is important. ...

Idaho’s current law works. Senate Bill 1110 will make it more difficult for rural Idahoans to exercise their political power. …

This is not about rural vs. urban. What Vick wants to do is deny us the opportunity to vote.

Please join me in opposing SB 1110.

Mary Ollie

Bonners Ferry

Inpulsive and uninformed

Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger, salmon and steelhead were part of “the great state of Idaho” long before you and me.

Your comment accusing Rep. Mike Simpson of being a “traitor” was impulsive, uninformed and disrespectful. You are mistaken to think your view represents many people of Idaho. You need to study the aspects of dam breaching thoroughly before making comments.

Idaho, “as we know it” is in need of job creation and economic development. Removing the earthen portion of the four lower Snake River dams will help the salmon, create jobs, and help our agricultural and fishing industries. … The guide industry brings in more tax and recreational dollars than the cruise industry. Removing the dams does not mean we’ll lose the cruise industry either. ...

Simpson’s plan will work. Study it. It will help salmon, create jobs and provide economic development to this valley and Idaho.

Susan Scully


Hassoldt is a great fit

We read Bob Hassoldt’s column on Jan. 31 and really enjoyed it.

He is witty. We like his writing style and it seems like this is a great fit for him.

We appreciate his integrity and his truthfulness (in our opinion).

We might be a little prejudiced.

Ron and Kathy Hassoldt

Lone Tree, Colo.