Tribune censors the news

... The Lewiston Tribune is a small trivial newspaper. It doesn’t mind conservative or liberal opinions. ...

More liberal opinions come out faster than conservative. But the Tribune does censor all the time.

Look at this coronavirus virus. First, did you notice the Tribune publishes names of the two states with this virus? Yet, it won’t publish that it came from Wuhan, China.

In the years 2009 to 2016 that Barack Obama was president, his home town, Chicago, Ill., had 762 homicides and 3,550 shootings.

Notice it was censored.

This year, there were close to 900 shootings in Chicago. Also censored for eight years was the flooding of illegal immigrants by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

President Donald Trump tried to rescind DACA but the corrupt courts and politicians stopped him at every turn.

This is called censorship.

Now you have a bimbo named Joe Biden. He will be a puppet controlled by liberals and Red China. ...

Biden will give 11 million illegals legal status to continue collecting welfare. ...

Biden will start censoring parts of the First Amendment, which the Democrats started several years ago. ...

He will attack your gun rights by banning guns and ammunition.

For four years, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to destroy Trump. She has been in office 33 years, but does not help the more than 9,000 homeless she represents.

Adam Schiff has been in office 13 years. He has had 59,000 homeless in his district the last four years. ...

Howard Miller


Trump was great

I am very sorry for the way President Donald Trump was treated by ignorant people. Like I explained to my daughter, he was in the same category as George Washington, whom I’m named after, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

How mistreated? He was a man who didn’t need anything.

A few women said he abused them. He could have had two or three the same night in different hot spots each night. Just take it from a man like me.

Just look out for a 2024 campaign if he pleases.

The media was out to get him.

If you agreed with the media and Hollywood, if you watched the mainstream media and read a liberal newspaper, that’s the way you voted.

You voted against a great president of our time.

Were you so blind? He even voted against the killing of baby human beings.

You should be ashamed. It’s like committing the murders yourself.

And, yes, I’m a Christian and you call yourselves one, also.

Washington X. Chapperal


Leads by example

It was refreshing to see that Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence know and understand what every Marine, soldier, sailor and airman have always known — that leadership by example is most effective.

In 1962, as a 22-year-old 2nd lieutenant platoon leader of a Marine rifle platoon there was never a question that Sgt. Boyd and I would be first in line to get shots, lead a long run or sleep in the same mud as our Marines.

At a time when many Americans are unsure whether they will take the COVID-19 vaccine when available to them, it is the obligation of our leaders to set the example, roll up their sleeves and assure the American people that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is both safe and necessary for America to beat this awful virus that has killed so many.

I am grateful that our former presidents understand this and will do the same as the vice president.

Hopefully, by the time this letter is published, our commander in chief will have followed this obvious basic leadership requirement.

Keith E. Carlson