True Christianity displayed

Thank you for the heartwarming story about Pastor Rick Hust and the good people of River City Church practicing true Christianity and following Jesus’ commands to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” as they “do unto the least of these” through their dinner church.

And what a perfect contrast to the pitiful Christianity practiced by Doug Wilson and his Christ Church followers as they spread their gospel of selfishness and disdain for their fellow citizens by their refusal to wear masks.

LuVerne Grussing


No elf, he’s an angel

Thank you, Marv Delp, for sharing all your Christmas lights and display at the Idaho State Veterans Home.

You’re not just an elf, but more like an angel among us.

Merry Christmas.

Claudia Decker


Woman needed help

On Dec. 15, I was driving down Main Street in Lewiston. As I approached the courthouse, I saw an elderly lady fall while she was getting out of her car.

She hit hard. I passed quickly so I watched in my mirror. Nobody stopped — nobody.

I flipped a U-turn and speeded back.

I saw one of Lewiston’s finest pass her by — jerk.

I jumped out of the car and tried to cross the street. Traffic sucked.

Finally the guy on my left realized what was going on and stopped traffic in his lane. I held up my arms and the guy on the right did the same. I reached the lady, Mary, who was calling her husband to come help her.

She told me she was OK, but she had a bum leg and could not get up.

We did a 1, 2, 3 and we raised her to her feet.

She asked me to help her get to her hair appointment, about 30 yards away.

I obliged. I told the ladies in the salon that she had fallen and they should keep an eye on her. Then I returned to my car, pissed off.

I was raised by men, strong men, who would whoop your ass if you failed to help someone in need. What’s this world coming too. It must be time for some whoppings.

Rick Oler


Agrees with Dugger

I thought Marvin F. Dugger’s Dec. 13 commentary about our presidential election was spot on. It’s too bad too many Americans are sitting on their hands and don’t say more about it.

If we follow that path of letting someone else stand up to socialism, we can kiss this country goodbye.

Fred Loaiza


Supports Lambert

I, as most citizens of our wonderful city of Moscow, appreciate and applaud the efforts of our mayor, Bill Lambert. He is a wonderful man who has tried to protect us and keep us healthy and safe.

I suppose every town has their village idiots and am glad Moscow only has a few.

Thank you, Mayor Lambert. You have my total support and that of so many others.

Jan Pitkin



As I age, I find that sometimes I don’t quite understand the need to accessorize. For instance, I have seen jewelry hanging from some people’s noses. And some have black or white phone thingies hanging from their ears.

The one I really have trouble with is the guy who has a motorcycle hanging from his butt.

Fred Brown