A spokeswoman at the city clerk’s office verified that Henry Bailey, a former city council member who is spearheading the recall effort, delivered his petition asking for the recall of councilors Paul Schlader, Glen Hibbs and Dan Millward.

Mike Bovey resigned from the council a few weeks ago, and Bob West was appointed to fill the vacancy. Bailey said the recall petition did not name West because he has not been in office long enough.

The petition will be delivered to the Lewis County Clerk’s Office, which will certify the signatures and then consult with the Idaho Attorney General’s Office to set a date for an election.

Bailey said he aims to oust the council because members are micromanaging city employees, disrupting city government and trying to undermine the mayor, Betty Heater, who was elected a year ago. Bailey claims the council members are “chauvinists” who swear and yell at council meetings in an attempt to intimidate Heater.

The recall petition also follows the resignations in mid-December of each member of the three-person Kamiah Marshal’s Office. Law enforcement in the city is now being covered by the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office, the Nez Perce Tribe and Idaho State Police.

Messages for the council members requesting comment have not been returned. Heater declined to comment Monday.

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