Annual Christmas wish list for seniors is here

The annual Tribune and Wilks/Smith family gift drive for seniors fills the newspaper's downtown Lewiston office with gifts this time of year.

In a tradition that spans more than three decades, Tribune readers can help fulfill the wishes of 220 residents of area nursing homes and adult family homes this holiday season.

Helen Wilks and Ellen Smith, sisters who are longtime Lewiston residents, and their families, in cooperation with the Lewiston Tribune, sponsor an annual drive to obtain gifts for residents in need. They ask Tribune readers to adopt one or more of these residents for the holidays. This will be the 36th year they have worked together on this project.

Anyone wishing to give a gift may select a name and gift from the numbered list below and bring it to the Lewiston Tribune Classified Advertising Department between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays. The gifts must be new and must be received at the Tribune by 5 p.m. Dec. 21.

The Tribune office is at 505 Capital St. in downtown Lewiston.

Each gift should be wrapped and tagged with the name of the recipient, the recipient’s number and the item enclosed. A separate tag should include the recipient’s name, number and the donor’s name. Wilks estimates everyone on the wish list receives at least five gifts.

The Wilks and Smith families will pick up the gifts from the Tribune, organize and distribute them to the nursing home residents before Christmas.

1. VeElla W. — Lotion, warm blanket, medium sweats, socks large, coloring books, colored pencils

2. Brocia F. — pants (2X), shirts (2X), sweatpants (2X), lotion, hair accessories, soft toothbrush

3. Jeanne S. — sweatsuits (M), soft blanket, lotion

4. Marvin G. — T-shirts (M), sweatpants (M), Twinkies

5. Bessie C. — sweatpants (L), Diet Pepsi, lotion, underwear (8), socks

6. Marlene B. — word-search puzzles, coloring supplies, women shirts (3X), pants (4X), warm blanket

7. Rose Mary H. — large-type word search puzzles, lotion, soft blanket

8. Ellen P. — warm blankets, lotion, nightgown (M), Hershey’s chocolate bars

9. Linda W. — tops (XL), pants (XL), sweatsuit (XL), socks, lotion

10. Bradley M. — Men’s large sweatpants (L), pants (L), T-shirts (L), soft blankets, American Indian items

11. Mike U. — comedic movies, T-shirts (M), sweatpants (M), stationary, stamps, envelopes, baby lotion, coloring supplies

12. Andy H. — sweatpants (L), socks, soft blankets, lotion

13. Robbie F. — Diet Pepsi, lotion, beads, women’s tops (4X), women’s pants (4X), comedic movies, sugar-free candy, soft blanket

14. Fred R. — lotion, SmartPop microwave popcorn, Russell Stover sugar-free candy, sunflower seeds, T-shirts (6X), Cherry Pepsi

15. Edith V. — soft blankets, long-sleeved shirts (XL), sweatpants (L), pajamas (L), lotion

16. Debra J. — lotion, shirts (2X), pants (XL), sweatpants (XL), sugar-free candy, socks

17. Mary H. — tops (L), pants (16 average), Vaseline, warm blanket, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, lap robe, hard candy

18. Goldie S. — warm blanket, lotion, sweatsuit (L), socks

19. Mary M. — socks, stationary, envelopes, stamps, blanket

20. Don H. — shirts (4X tall), sweatpants, soft blankets, bead necklaces

21. Lyle S. — sweatpants (L), socks, Seahawks-themed items, shirts (L), men’s lotion, sports magazines

22. Danny N. — socks, warm blanket, shirts (4X tall), sweatpants, body wash

23. Rick W. — gum, diabetic candy, lotion, shirts (2X), sweatpants (2X) sweatsuits (2X)

24. Jo A. — lotion, blanket, lap robe, house dresses (3X)

25. Dennis H. — lotion, socks, shirts (XL tall), sweatpants (XL tall)

26. Inger C. — lotion, lap robes, house dresses (5X), sweatpants (5X), perfume, tops (5X)

27. Don L. — socks, classic music, body wash

28. Kay R. — flower- or animal-themed adult coloring books, colored pencils, hair clips, soft stuffed dogs or cats

29. Betty M. — caffeine-free Diet Coke, black sweatpants (3X), pullover shirts (3X), wireless TV headphones

30. Bev Mc. — sugar-free chocolate, tops (5X) Diet Coke

31. Janice A. — house dresses (2X), cardigan sweater (XL), house slippers (L), hair clips, radio/CD player

32. Lila R. — faith-themed adult coloring books, gel pens, book of postage stamps, 2019 calendar, nature- or animal-themed jigsaw puzzles (300 or 500 pieces)

33. Betty W. — pullover tops (2X), sweatpants (2X) white socks for diabetics (XL), large notebook for writing, adult coloring books, colored pencils

34. Toni C. — nonskid socks (XL), sweatpants (5X), adult coloring books, craft paper in variety of colors, multicolor gel pens, baby yarn in variety of colors

35. Pat H. — multicolor gel pens, craft paper for making cards, adult coloring book of butterflies/cats/dogs, craft projects, postage stamps

36. Julie P. — adult coloring book, word search puzzle books, case of bottled water, 2019 calendar, pajamas (L)

37. Chris D. — skeins of colored yarn, women’s sweatshirt (3X), oblong hard plastic weaver/loom, knitting bag with handles

38. Debbie H. — winter head and shoulder scarf, slippers (8½), pajamas (2X), flower-themed 2019 calendar

39. Jo L. — sweatshirts (L), pants (L), white ankle socks, shoes (9), coloring books and crayons, cardigan sweater (XL), soft stuffed animal

40. Lori T. — pullover tops (5X), pants (4X), white socks (L), body powder and lotion

41. Maria R. — pants (M), shirts (M), ankle socks, Christian music CDs, body lotion

42. Shelly U. — sweatpants (5X), sweatshirts (5X), Betty Boop-themed 2019 calendar, Bath & Body Works body lotions and body wash

43. Joann C. — Elvis Presley-themed 2019 calendar, Elvis-themed soft blanket, 12-pack of Pepsi, body lotion, body wash, Butterfinger candy bars

44. Gloria B. — American Indian pow wow music; Indian beads (medium, variety of colors), American Indian-themed soft blanket

45. Lue W. — soft stuffed dog or cat, woman’s pullover shirts (2X), black elastic-waist slacks (2X), black sweatpants (2X), bird seed for outdoor feeders

46. Nancy B. — American Indian pow wow music, dream catcher, body pillow

47. Eve A. — baby doll, soft baby blanket, elastic-waist pants (L), cardigan sweater (L), blouse (L)

48. Jan H. — lotion, body wash, shampoo, scenic 2019 calendar

49. Bonnie L. — sweater (2X), giant print Bible (New King James version)

50. Cammi W. — pullover sweaters (3X), long-sleeved flannel undershirts (3X); sweatpants (3X)

51. Allan A. — aftershave, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” DVD; John Wayne movies on DVD, body wash

52. Farris D. — men’s sweatpants (4X), colored T-shirts (4X), electric razor, aftershave, white socks (10-11)

53. Gary R. — aftershave, body wash, sweatpants (XL), colored T-shirts (2X); “102 Fascinating Bible Studies” book

54. Richard H. — T-shirts (7X) featuring funny sayings, pictures or Seahawks, nylon sports shorts (7X), white tube socks (10-12), body wash, aftershave

55. Mike C. — white tube socks, sweatpants (2X), colored T-shirts (3X), electric razor

56. Forest B. — sweatpants (2X), sweatshirts (2X), deodorant, aftershave, cologne, body wash, animal-themed coloring books, crayons

57. Ken W. — white tank shirts, slippers (10-11), flannel shirts (XL tall), chocolate candy bars, white briefs (M)

58. Mike C. — sweatpants (XL), colored T-shirts (XL), white socks (10-11), caffeine-free Diet Coke

59. Bill M. — jigsaw puzzles (300 or 500 pieces), cologne, body wash, white T-shirts (L)

60. Ed H. — flannel shirts (L), colored T-shirts (M), stocking hat, cologne

61. Frank S. — long-sleeved flannel shirts (2X), white T-shirts (2X), sweatpants (2X), cologne, American Indian-themed soft blanket

62. Earl C. — white T-shirts (2X), colored T-shirts (2X), white tube socks (9-11), sweatpants (2X)

63. Linda — pants (XL), shirts (2X), socks

64. Ed — jeans (36X40), body spray

65. Tena — long-sleeved shirts (M), pants (M), winter jacket (M), socks, brush, hair ties

66. Shirley — pants (L), socks

67. Evelyn — shirts (S), pants (M), socks

68. Gayle — shoes (7½)

69. Gayla — pants (L), shirts (M)

70. Dorothy — shirts (M), pants (M), pajamas (M), shoes (8)

71. Bonnie — pants (L), shirts (M)

72. Roberta — pants (L)

73. Darlene — pants (2X), shirts (2X), shoes (8), socks

74. Irma — shirts (M), Pants (16 petite)

75. B.F. — women’s calf-length nightgown (3X tall), microwave popcorn, instant cocoa

76. D.M. — women’s warm winter gloves, stocking cap, playing cards, 2019 calendar

77. K.B. — women’s boot slippers with hard sole (8), folk art paint and brushes

78. M.H. — women’s black leggings (XL), turtleneck sweater (M), Diet Pepsi

79. N.L.H. — men’s sweatshirt (XL tall), sweatpants (XL), warm winter gloves

80. Arvid — overalls (38X30), winter gloves, handkerchiefs

81. Chuck — nonwhite sneakers (10), mini Milk Way candy bars, winter work gloves

82. Eric — warm winter coat with hood (2X tall), sweatpants (XL tall), chocolate, pens, writing notebooks

83. Kevin — polo shirt (5X), sugar-free candy, cologne, boxer shorts (2X), religious books and CDs

84. K.W. — men’s Male Wrangler short-sleeved shirts (4X tall), bib overalls (58X30), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

85. Larry — crew-neck sweatshirts (3X tall), bib overalls (50X30), fudge

86. Mat S. — jerky, Capri Sun drinks, long underwear (M), snow boots (10), fruit rollups/fruit snacks

87. Mike — instant coffee, stamps, Scotch invisible tape, running shoes (10½), navy lightweight winter coat (XL), Mounds/Almond Joy candy bars

88. Norman — long underwear (L), sweatsuits (L tall), Western books

89. Rick — canned smoked mussels, V8 juice, cinnamon Crest toothpaste, wool socks, grayT-shirt (2X)

90. William W. — wool socks, warm winter coat (L), warm vest (M), Pepsi

91. Kristi — men’s slippers (8), writing tablet and pens, coloring books, crayons

92. Mariah — adult coloring books, colored pencils, white tennis shoes (9 wide), headphones

93. Niki — print leggings (XS), push-up bra (32A), black mascara, eyeliner pencil

94. Rachel — front-snap sports bras (38C), men’s warm winter coat (2X), men’s hiking boots with good tread (8½)

95. Sharon — Dr. Scholl’s gel shoes (11W), sweatpants (2X)

96. Andy — jeans (36X32), winter gloves, Pepsi, Snickers

97. Brandon — zip-fly cargo pants (38X32), ankle socks (13), gummy bear candies, deodorant

98. Colt — MP3 player and headphones, soda, jeans (38X30), tube socks, belt (38), warm winter gloves

99. David — instant cocoa, gospel music CDs, warm winter gloves, hat

100. Gilbert — insulated flannel shirt (M), size 33x30 jeans, Snickers, Instant Coffee

101. James — tennis shoes (8½), miniature candy bars, sweatpants (L), white T-shirts (L), briefs (L), crew socks

102. Nick — pajama bottoms (L), instant hot cocoa, winter gloves, winter boots (13)

103. Randy — Denver Broncos baseball cap or stocking cap, coffee mug, trout-fishing tackle and power bait, flannel shirts (M)

104. Robert — jeans (29X32), chocolate, wool socks, warm winter gloves

105. Shane — hooded sweatshirts (4X), miniature candy bars, 2019 calendar

106. Jonathan — black stocking cap, black winter gloves, black winter coat (L), potato chips

107. Angela — sports bras (L), men’s hooded sweatshirt (XL), crew socks, beef jerky

108. C.S. — women’s briefs (8), summer sausage and cheese, coloring books, colored pencils

109. Patty — jewelry, adult coloring books, colored pencils, sports bras (L), hair ties, makeup

110. Therese — Ugg boots (10), scarf, gloves, ankle socks, bracelet

111. Trudy — men’s winter coat (2X tall), Reebok tennis shoes (8), instant cocoa

112. Cameron — Twizzlers, gray or black sweatpants (XL), sports-themed T-shirts or sweatshirts (XL), hair gel

113. Daniel — warm coat (XL), deodorant, skinny jeans (29X32), iPod headphones

114. Dan M. — men’s shoes (9½), crew socks, winter coat (XL), gloves, chocolate

115. Glenn — T-shirts (3X), boxer shorts (XL), wool tube socks, sweatpants (2X), chocolate

116. Jared — sweatpants (XL), shirts (3X), boxer shorts (XL), shoes (10), ankle socks, chocolate-covered cherries

117. Jeff — warm winter gloves, sweatpants (XL), long-sleeved sweatshirt (XL), shoes (8 wide), chocolate

118. Jon — men’s snow boots or hiking boots with good traction (9½), tapestry blanket, Cheetos puffs

119. Ken — good-quality running shoes (11½), original Curve for Men cologne, Pepsi

120. Mike — Oreo cookies, warm crew socks, headed sweatshirt (XL)

121. Nirmal — hot sauce, crew socks, sports-themed sweatshirts (3X), sports-themed sweatpants (XL)

122. Ricky — winter boots (9½), gummy candies, thermal jumpsuit (L)

123. Pat M. — women’s flannel pajamas (XL tall), wool socks, Kleenex, stationary, sweatpants (XL tall), shirt (XL tall), slippers (10½ wide)

124. Marlene — warm winter gloves, winter hat, Diet Pepsi, wool socks

125. Pat K. — full-length pantyhose, winter boots (10), liquid bath soap, flannel pajamas (L)

126. Steffanie — jeans (6 petite), T-shirt (M), tube socks, shoes (7), instant cocoa

127. Chris — lap blanket, paint and small wooden objects to paint, jerky, granola bars

128. David A. — sweater (XL tall), tennis shoes (11), 2019 calendar, root beer

129. D.K. — Dr. Pepper, stocking cap, Velcro-closure shoes (11), snap-front western shirts (M), long underwear (M)

130. Dean — heavy hooded sweatshirt (2X), sweatpants (L), meat and cheese, Diet Pepsi

131. Gerald — prune juice, potato chips, flannel shirts (L), long underwear (34-36)

132. Jerry — jeans (40X36), T-shirts (2X tall), tube socks, after shave, CD boombox, rock ‘n’ roll CDs

133. Kenny R. — jeans (36X34), shirts (L), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, diet Dr. Pepper

134. Mike B. — sweatpants (L), sweatshirt (L), Cheetos puffs, Pepsi

135. Murray — sweatpants (L), sweatshirt (XL), tube socks, Speed Stick deodorant, stocking cap, chocolate

136. Roy — T-shirts (XL), flannel pajamas (XL), instant herbal tea, 2019 calendar

137. Wayne — Levis jeans (31X31), Irish Spring bar soap, winter hat, gloves

138. William L. — magazines, jeans (38X32), shirts (2X tall), Hershey bar, suspenders

139. Aleta — black shorts with pockets (4X), button-up flannel shirt (5X)

140. Diana — sweatshirt (L), gloves, slippers (9), tube socks, stocking cap, scarf, playing cards

141. Frances — jeans (34X30), bra (36), slip-on shoes (9), chocolate

142. Janet — jeans (11 average), shirt (L), ankle socks

143. Jentzen — T-shirts (XL), sweatpants (XL), tennis shoes (7½ wide), candy bars

144. Donna — boombox DVD player, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

145. Margaret — long-sleeved T-shirts (2X), elastic-waist pants (22), crew socks

146. Marleen — pajamas (2X), crew socks, tennis shoes (8)

147. Rayne — men’s sweatshirt (XL), tube socks, shoes (7), latchhook kit

148. Tamra — long-sleeved T-shirts (L), briefs (7), tennis shoes (10), crew socks, hat or ear muffs

149. Tanya — crew socks, elastic-waist jeans (L tall), nail polish, ear buds, bathrobe

150. Jeff — jeans (40X30), T-shirts with pockets (3X), tennis shoes (11 wide), pens, spiral notebook

151. Joe W. — sweatpants (L), hooded sweatshirt (XL), Hanes boxer shorts (L), crucifix on a silver chain, electric razor

152. John E. — tennis shoes (11), toothbrush, toothpaste, long underwear (XL)

153. John M. — bib overalls (50X32), toothbrush, toothpaste, yellow legal pads, pens, slip-on shoes with good traction (12)

154. Larry H. — snap-front flannel shirts (XL tall), jeans (36X36), sweatpants (XL tall), winter coat (XL), tennis shoes (13)

155. Les — crew socks, boxer shorts (L), sweatpants (2X), shirts (2X)

156. Mat — sweatpants (XL), shirt (XL), boxer shorts (XL)

157. Michael — coat (2X), shoes (12), crew socks, shirts (3X), jeans (40X32)

158. Steve — tube socks, long-sleeved shirts (4X), sweatpants (4X), winter coat (4X), CD player and headphones

159. Tim — long-sleeved T-shirt (L), tennis shoes (9½), sweatpants (M), winter coat (L), handheld games

160. Tracy — boxer shorts (L), Levis jeans (36X36), winter gloves, stocking cap

161. Theresa — crew socks, gray sweatpants (L), crayons, colored pencils, sketch pad, Phase 10 card game

162. Kay — warm blanket, adult coloring books, colored pencils, yarn

163. Nancy — adult coloring books, colored pencils, stationary, envelopes, warm stocking cap, sweatshirt (L)

164. S.S. — warm quilted blanket (twin), toothbrush, toothpaste, playing cards, tube socks

165. Bev — fuzzy slippers (L), large fuzzy blanket, adult coloring books, colored pencils

166. Bob — drinking cup with straw, coloring crayons, adult coloring books, crew socks

167. Kim — sweats outfit (L), fuzzy slippers (L), adult coloring book, colored pencils

168. Terri — crew socks, 2019 calendar, underwear (7)

169. Irene — jeans (7 juniors), crew socks, slip-on shoes (7½)

170. Jerry — crew socks, long-sleeved shirts (L), sweatpants (M)

171. Patricia — lotion

172. Michael — popcorn, chocolate

173. Bonnie — body wash, nail polish

174. Nora — sweatpants (M), sweatshirts (M)

175. Jenny — shirts (M/L)

176. Susan — shampoo, conditioner

177. Kathryn — DVDs

178. Patrick — CD/cassette player

179. Helen — room diffuser with oils

180. Jack — CD player

181. June — nonskid socks

182. Ruth —nail polish

183. D.S. — Uno game, popcorn, cookies, diet Mtn. Dew, black leather gloves (XL), candy

184. J.H. — Old Spice deodorant, shampoo, winter work gloves, Diet Mtn. Dew, handheld games, candy, popcorn

185. M.H. — Axe body wash and spray, socks, underwear (XL), cookies

186. D.B. — digital watch, easy puzzles, Uno cards, Seahawks calendar, sweatpants (XL)

187. M.G. — blue coat (3X), scented lotions, colorful yarn, Christian CDs

188. L.N. — pants or jeans (6), cartoons/comedy DVD, gloves, makeup

189. T.J. — Seahawks-themed clothing (XL), Seahawks 2019 calendar, watch, shirts (XL)

190. Q.G. — flannel night gown (XL), Russell Stover chocolates, Christian music CDs, black watch with date/time/year

191. R.R. — watch, digital alarm clock, flannel shirt (XL), 2019 calendar

192. J.S. — Star Wars Legos, watch, candy (no chocolates)

193. C.R. — cotton turtlenecks (L), flashlight, white crew neck undershirts (L), black apron for men (L), analog watch

194. K.D. — socks, underwear (XL), portable CD player, jeans (38X33), Dallas Cowboys-themed items

195. C.G. — adult coloring books, adult connect the dots book, adult color-by-numbers books

196. T.H. — blue sweater (L), big red toy truck, coloring books/crayons

197. D.J. — hair clips, bobby pins, hairspray, scented lotions, Kleenex, nail polish, nail polish remover

198. E.L. — tea bags in variety of flavors, microwave popcorn, cookies, costume beaded necklaces, candy

199. S.T. — lip balm, scented lotions, Kleenex

200. J.C. — white wine, candy, romance novels

201. M.D. — scented lotions, costume necklaces, candy, cookies, Kleenex

202. S.R. — chocolates, Kleenex, candy

203. J.B. — candy, cookies, microwave popcorn, button-up long-sleeved shirts (M), belt (S)

204. L.M. — candy, microwave popcorn, nail polish, nail polish remover, hairspray, cookies

205. V.W. — chocolates, candy, Kleenex, cookies, fuzzy socks

206. L.N. — cookies, candy, microwave popcorn, Nilla Wafers

207. S.B. — candy, cookies, microwave popcorn, nuts

208. H.M. — cookies, candy, Kleenex, fuzzy socks

209. B.M. — candy, cookies, frog-themed items, scented lotions

210. J.M. — soft candy, chocolates, Kleenex, lotions

211. L.W. — sugar-free candy and chocolates, microwave popcorn, fuzzy socks, Kleenex

212. J.L. — peanuts, chocolate chip cookies, Copenhagen, popcorn tins

213. A.C. — peanuts, sugar-free candy, socks, microwave popcorn

214. P.L. — candy, cookies, socks, Kleenex, microwave popcorn

215. V.W. — candy, cookies, socks, Kleenex, microwave popcorn

216. L.C. — candy, peanuts, Teddy Grahams, microwave popcorn

217. J.T. — Kleenex, baby powder, hairspray, microwave popcorn

218. H.H. — socks, candy, Kleenex, pajamas (S), socks, microwave popcorn

219. G.B. — flannel shirts (XL) Kleenex, candy, peanuts, microwave popcorn

220. S.M. — chocolate-covered cherries, salami, cheese, Ritz Crackers, Circus Peanuts, pajamas (4), microwave popcorn

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