Classes at Jenifer Junior High School will continue as normal Friday after a threat, which spurred an automated phone message to parents Thursday evening, was determined not to be credible.

Assistant Superintendent Lance Hansen said students approached administrators on Thursday after a student said he had plans to “shoot up” the school.

“Based on the information and investigation by the administration, there is no reason to believe that there is any concern about student safety,” Hansen said.

Hansen said disciplinary measures were taken against the student, although he declined to provide specifics.

A voicemail went out to parents Thursday evening from Quinn Aldous, the assistant principal at Jenifer Junior High School, that stated “a concern” at the school had been investigated and addressed. The message did not provide specific details about the incident.

Hansen said the school district decided to send out the message after receiving calls from parents earlier in the day.

“We debated sending the message out, but based on the call volume, we thought it was important,” Hansen said. “The goal of the message was to inform parents of three things: That we were aware of the situation, that it had been thoroughly investigated and that the students are safe.”

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