From the

Lewiston Tribune

Aug. 18, 1959

The Lewiston Baseball Club Inc., its attendance 40 percent behind that of last year, yesterday appealed for revived community support for professional baseball.

“You better get out there” to Bengal Field, President W.C. “Tommy” Merchant told the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce at a meeting at the Hotel Lewis-Clark.

“From the looks of things this is the last time you will see professional baseball at Lewiston and Clarkston in a good number of years.”


The problem of a name for the new four-lane highway through 21st Street canyon to Lewiston Orchards was solved yesterday by county commissioners. They designated it Thain Road all the way to the south city limit. The new thoroughfare joins Thain Road at the top of McCann Grade. The commissioners said giving the entire stretch of roadway one name would eliminate confusion.

There now are three roads leading from Lewiston’s 21st Street to the Orchards, and determining which one was meant in references to them had posed a problem.

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