From the

Lewiston Tribune

July 14, 1959

CRAIGMONT — Two sawmills will be operating in the vicinity of Craigmont in a short time.

The Channel Lumber Co. mill, in the northeast corner of town, has been operating since the middle of April. The company is trucking stud timbers to the Smith Nielsen Logging & Lumber Co. at Spalding for planing. But a Channel Lumber Co. planer will be operating in the near future.

At present the company is operating with one shift from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. with an estimated daily output of 35,000 board feet. James W. Rieehers is in charge of the plant for the Indianola Lumber Co.


The Lewiston School Board last night named new junior high schools in the city and Lewiston Orchards for a pioneer teacher and an Indian woman fabled in Northwest history.

The city junior high will be named “Jenifer Junior High,” after Joel Jenifer, 1311 14th Ave., a former school superintendent who saw the present junior high constructed.

The Orchards junior high will be named “Sacajawea Junior High,” after a Shoshone Indian girl chosen by William Clark and Meriweather Lewis to guide them west on their historic expedition in 1805.

Board members were unanimous in selection of the two names.

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