From the

Lewiston Tribune

Oct. 6, 1979

Ted Kosoff of Lewiston saw it streaking over the top of the Lewiston Hill heading toward Dworshak Dam trailing a luminous tail and shooting lights into the sky.

Al Josephy of Princeton was driving over the top of a hill south of Moscow when he saw it blazing across the sky above the city.

Four Washington State patrolmen in four different areas saw it. So did a person in the control tower at Spokane International Airport. Anonymous callers phoned law enforcement agencies throughout the Northwest and Canada early Friday morning to report the sight.

No, it wasn’t a UFO. It was pieces of a Soviet rocket breaking up in the atmosphere, but for those who saw it and didn’t know that, it was a source of surprise — and mystery.


MOSCOW — The bodies of 45,000 Americans killed in Vietnam might someday be depicted in a northern Idaho meadow, sculptor Edward Kienholz disclosed Friday.

Kienholz, of Hope, Idaho, spoke to reporters at the University of Idaho art gallery, where his first U.S. exhibit in more than 10 years opens today.

What he envisions is a “monument to a war we should have never been involved in,” Kienholz said. He asked reporters not to quote him about the details of the project.

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