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Lewiston Tribune

Sept. 8, 1979

The Lewiston neighborhood school system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, some parents of district school children say.

Forty-three students have been transferred to new schools during this first week of the fall term. And some of their parents are angry.

Parents say they were informed of the transfers on either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Their children, returning home from their first or second day of school, had to be told that the next day they would be bused to a new school. In addition, other children were transferred at the close of last year’s term.


COLFAX — Holly McMurray, a Pullman High School senior and overall winner at the 30th annual Palouse Empire Fair 4-H fashion review, will compete at the state contest at the Puyallup Fair later this month.

McMurray’s hand-sewn, wool jacket outpointed 65 other young seamstresses at the annual four-day fair at Colfax. She will compete with girls from throughout the state at Puyallup’s Western Washington State Fair for a regional award. McMurray also won the overall top intermediate winner and took the top of construction prize. Shelly Triplett of Pullman was overall top junior division winner.

Nine other Whitman County seamstresses will compete at the state contest. They are Robin Walker, Barbara Appel and Debra Appel, all of Endicott; Renee Smith of Palouse; Kim Heitstuman of Uniontown; Julie Huber and Laura Borchard, both of Colfax, and Brenda Bloomfield and Debby Sheldon, both of Pullman.

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