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Lewiston Tribune

Oct. 20, 1979

The sun shone on Clarkston Friday morning — long, enough to complete the dedication of Red Wolf Crossing that links Clarkston and the Port of Wilma in Whitman County.

“We bridge a gap, not only across a river, but also between two different groups of people,” said State Sen. Hubert Donohue of Dayton who cut the ribbon.

Rain had fallen earlier in the day; but the sun came out at 10:30 a.m. to warm the backs of the hundreds who witnessed the ceremony at midpoint of the 1,450-foot-long span.

Adding color and a festive air to the occasion were the color guard of the Washington State Army National Guard’s Clarkston unit and the uniformed Clarkston High School Band.


SPALDING — Excavation work for the new Nez Perce National Historical Park visitor center will begin next week after being delayed almost a month by the discovery of Indian bones near the site.

All work on the $1.6 million center was halted in late September when construction crews grading a road to the site unearthed several graves.

University of Idaho anthropologists were called in to look for more graves in the building area, while Park Service and Nez Perce Indian officials met to decide what should be done about the intruding road.

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