From the

Lewiston Tribune

Aug. 25, 1979

PULLMAN — Gary Walton, dean of the Washington State University business and economics college, will assume similar duties at the University of Miami in January.

The 37-year-old Walton is stepping down after two years at the helm of the WSU college.

A specialist in public finance and economic history, theory and development, Walton told the Tribune Friday that he was attracted by Miami businesses’ strong support of the private institution.


The McDonald’s restaurants at Lewiston and Moscow aren’t going to march off to the Great Hamburger War, at least not right now, Ronald Brown of Lewiston said Friday.

That’s because their prices consistently have been lower than those in the metropolitan areas where the price battle lines have been drawn and for the most part still are, said Brown, the franchised owner of the Lewiston and Moscow McDonald’s restaurants.

He constantly monitors the cost-profit tapes and tries to sell lower than the competition, Brown said. His prices could go down in the future, but if so it would be because of a message from the cash register tape and not from the battle front, he said.

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