From the Lewiston Tribune

Oct. 13, 1979

Last season, Clarkston High’s football team learned it could win. Friday night, the Bantams found out they could beat Lewiston.

The Bantams ended a five-year losing streak against Lewiston, stopping the Bengals 21-8 before a Bengal Field crowd estimated at between 5,000 and 6,000.

It was the first win ever over Lewiston for Clarkston head coach Norm Klug, who is in his fourth season with the Bantams. And it was the first loss to Clarkston ever for Lewiston’s Jay Henry, who’s been the Bengal head coach since 1974.


In what may be the first action of its kind in the nation, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission has imposed steep surcharges on all new electric heating hookups within the Washington Water Power Co.’s Idaho service district.

The $50 per kilowatt surcharge will cost the builder of an average size (1,500 square feet) home up to $1,500 should he choose to install electric heat rather than alternative heating systems.

The charge is estimated by the commission to cover a major part of the cost difference between relatively inexpensive hydropower and electricity produced through thermal generation.

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