From the Lewiston Tribune of March 5, 1997

MOSCOW - The city of Moscow has until April 1 to make an offer for the Whitworth Building, but officials say they need more time.

The Moscow City Council and the Moscow School Board met Monday to discuss the sale. Members of both said they want the building to become a community center and hope to stay clear of the difficulties of last year's Gladish building sale in Pullman.

City officials are interested in purchasing the building from the school district, according to Councilwoman Linda Pall, but need more time to make sure that a deal would be feasible. A city committee suggested Whitworth could be renovated, but recommended a professional study.


Students at Orchards Elementary School in Lewiston were hustled out of classrooms Tuesday after a fire scare.

According to the Lewiston Fire Department, the school's janitor noticed steam by the boiler and mistook it for smoke.

Students were evacuated from the building and the fire department was notified about 2 p.m.

Firefighters discovered that the boiler was spilling water over the top, creating the steam.

The boiler pressure release valve was not working properly, according to the fire department, and school district maintenance workers later repaired it.