SPOKANE — Innovia Foundation recently awarded more than $314,000 in scholarships to 124 students throughout eastern Washington and northern Idaho for the 2021-22 school year.

Students from this region earning scholarships include:

Denny & Thelma Yasuhara Scholarships: Lily Veith, Potlatch, $2,000; Benjamin Veith, Potlatch, $1,000. Clarence Hines Scholarships: Kari Largent, Colfax, $986; Hannah Buri, Colfax, $986; Lexi Booth, Colfax, $986; Keirstyn York, Colfax, $986. Ripley Schreiber Scholarships: Madison Roberts, Colfax, $930; Dustin Broeckel, Colfax, $930; Sidney Erquist, Colfax, $930; Perry Imler, Colfax, $930; Annalee Cox, Colfax, $930; Lucille Hudon Scholarship: Austin Jones, Palouse, $3,170; Margaret F. Galbraith Scholarship: Jedi-diah Wallen, Moscow, $2,000; Mark & Kay Burkett Scholarships: Lily Veith, Potlatch, $1,000; Cecily Pucket, Kamiah, $1,000; Emilia Fountain, Moscow, $1,000; Ella Fountain, Moscow, $1,000; Benjamin Veith, Potlatch, $1,000; Jedi-diah Wallen, Moscow, $1,000; Rylan Hogan, Kendrick, $1,000.


Two students from this region attending Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston have been awarded scholarships from the IdahoSTARS project.

Samantha Adams, of Harpster, has been awarded a part-time grant of $7,000.

Makayla Stearns, of Lewiston, has been given a single course grant covering the cost of one early childhood education class.

Both awards also include a $2,000 annual stipend for each student.

IdahoSTARS works to increase the qualifications of Idaho’s early care and education professionals through scholarships, training and targeted technical assistance for professionals who want to earn credentials, credits or degrees in early childhood.