The school year’s first Knowledge Bowl competition for Lewiston students was held Monday at two elementary schools.

Fifth-graders competed at Whitman Elementary School and the contest for sixth-graders was held at McGhee Elementary School.

Ten Lewiston elementary schools were represented at the two locations, and working in teams of up to four, students were quizzed in the following categories: general knowledge, math and geography.

The results include:

Sixth grade:

First place, Cornerstone Christian School: Colton Hoover, J.C. Morgenstern, Alex Shawley and Dillan Wiemer; second place, Centennial Elementary School: Gianni Lacuesta, Elliot McCall, Mason Smith and Evan Weidner-Durst.

Fifth grade:

First place, Cornerstone Christian School: Casey Fox, Larry Mowery, Judah Pelletier, Jack Pernsteiner; second place, McSorley Elementary School: Paulene Lydie, Kaylee Stachofsky and Paige Tippets.

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