P.E.O., Chapter Q, Lewiston

Members met Nov. 7 at Lindsay Creek Vineyards in Lewiston, with Michelle McIntosh as host. Members enjoyed browsing in the business’ gift shop before and after the meeting.

Christi Severance shared highlights of the State Guidelines newsletter, explaining that official visits will take place via Zoom this year. She also shared some important dates, including December Attendance Challenge and Introduce Your Family to P.E.O. in March.

Peggy Fulton reported the Nominating Committee will soon start work, so members interested in holding an office are encouraged to contact her. Members were reminded annual dues should soon be paid.

Kathy Johnson reviewed several issues of the PEO Record listing members who are authors and their book summaries. Members who have been reading more during the pandemic were encouraged to use this resource, as well as the local library.

Magnetic nametags will be ordered soon, as the minimum for discounted price has been met, and Fulton plans to contact other members before placing the order.

The amount of the annual college scholarship awarded by the group may need to be reduced in the coming year because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the reduction in fundraising opportunities for the organization.

Kathy McIntosh won the door prize, a potted violet.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Dec. 5 and the next coffee gathering will be 9:30 a.m. Dec 12. Both will be at Lindsay Creek Vineyards.

Twin Rivers Toastmasters

Diana Higgins was toastmaster for the club’s Oct. 27 online meeting, which featured a Hal-loween costume theme.

Jerome Hansen gave a speech titled “Hal-loween Stories: True Story or Fake News?” Jodi Berg evaluated Hansen’s speech. Bruce Neu was Table topics master and asked each member about his or her costume. Loren Beauchamp won table topics.

Members did not meet Nov. 3 because of Election Day, but again met online Tuesday with Hansen as toastmaster.

Beauchamp gave a speech titled “Anecdotes and Humor from the Other Side of the Room” and Neu evaluated his speech. Doug Crook was table topics master and his theme was word definitions. Beauchamp won table topics.

Anyone interested in attending one of the club’s online meetings may visit the club website at 1426.toastmastersclubs.org.

Lewis-Clark Toastmasters

Victor Racicot headed the club’s Nov. 5 online meeting as toastmaster.

Tom Eier gave a speech titled “Politics and Religion” and Chance Brumley evaluated him. Bruce Neu was table topics master and his theme was the election. Larry Ferguson was the grammarian.

Racicot spoke at the club’s Nov. 12 online meeting, and his speech title was “Medical Marvel.” Neu evaluated Racicot. The Rev. David Carringer was grammarian and Pete Gertonson was the table topics master.

Patti Mann announced the roles for the group’s Thursday meeting, which will be an impromptu one at which all roles have been randomly assigned.

Anyone interested in attending one of the club’s online meetings may email Neu at christiansda@hotmail.com.

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