P.E.O. Chapter FN, Pomeroy

Members met Tuesday at the home of Karen Hill with Renee Ruchert as co-host.

Linda McKeirnan served as corresponding secretary, Sandy Barr as treasurer and Otti Miller as guard.

Thank you notes were read from graduating senior girls, Chapter FE and Kay Youngblood, the outgoing WA state secretary).

Mary Ann LaCompte is the new Washington state president.

President Charlotte Henry discussed a recent article from the Lewiston Tribune concerning the demise of groups and clubs and noted P.E.O. seems to be doing really well.

Linda McKeirnan gave a program about the trip she and her husband, Eric, took to the Holy Land, and shared pictures of their trip and passed around two books for members to view.

The next meeting will be July 9 at the home of Martha Klaveano with Shirley Brandon as co-host.

Lewis-Clark Toastmasters

David Carringer headed the club’s June 6 meeting as toastmaster.

Enoch Laffingwell delivered his icebreaker speech (a new member’s first speech) and won best speaker. Kent Barnett evaluated him and won best evaluator.

Tom Eier spoke about Veteran’s Day and Bruce Neu, who evaluated for a third consecutive week, evaluated Eier.

Victor Racicot headed table topics and Patti Mann counted the votes.

Twin Rivers Toastmasters

Jodi Berg headed the club’s meeting Tuesday as toastmaster.

Ian Deacon and Bruce Neu delivered a skit during the speaking portion of the meeting, and Doug Crook evaluated them.

Celeste McCormick was the timer. Elizabeth Braker headed table topics, which were won by Deacon and Lauren Beauchamp.

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