Lewis-Clark Toastmasters

Patti Mann was toastmaster of the club’s Sept. 2 meeting.

Pete Gertonson was speaker, and his title was “My Zucchini.” David Carringer evaluated him.

Vic Racicot was grammarian, and the word of the day was “harbinger.”

Larry Ferguson led table topics, Carringer was general evaluator, and Tom Eier was invocation/timer. Carringer won best table topics speaker.

Members met again Thursday, with Brue Neu as toastmaster.

Carringer gave a speech titled “A Day With Bella,” and he was evaluated by Chance Brumley.

Mann was grammarian, and word of the day was “resilience.” Racicot led table topics, Eier was general evaluator, and Gertonson was invocation/timer.