P.E.O, Chapter FN, Pomeroy

Members met Tuesday at the home of Martha Klaveano with Shirley Brandon as co-host.

Sandy Barr read a thank-you note from graduating senior Avery Ruchert, thanking the chapter for the monetary gift sent to her.

President Charlotte Henry gave a report on the 117th Washington state P.E.O Convention. She recently met with Tami Johnson of Chapter FE, who shared convention news with her.

Sherry Demand reported on an article in the May/June P.E.O. Record. Demand also gave a program about making soap, and gave each member lavender bath salts she had made.

Henry gave a review of the Pie Safe Bakery in Deary and handed each member a menu.

The next meeting will be the annual huckleberry picnic with members meeting Aug. 13 at Henry’s home before going to pick huckleberries and then meet at Big Springs Campgrounds for a covered-dish picnic.

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