1912 Bridge Club, Moscow

MOSCOW — Members gathered for their weekly duplicate game June 9 in the 1912 Center game room here.

Results were: Larry Kirkland and Pete Ruppel, first place; Christine Suquet and Karen Frenzel, second; Bill and Joan Tozer, third.

Lewis-Clark Toastmasters

Nick Woods was toastmaster of the group’s June 9 meeting.

Bruce Neu was first speaker and the title of his speech was “Continued Story of Lost in the Desert.” He was evaluated by Patti Mann.

Pete Gertonson was the second speaker with a speech titled “Robert’s Rules of Order.” David Carringer evaluated him.

Kent Barnett led table topics and Tom Eier was invocation/timer. Chance Brumley was general evaluator and grammarian, and word of the day was “sumptuous.”

Gertonson won best speaker, Brumley won best table topics and Mann won best evaluator.

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