From the

Lewiston Tribune

Jan. 2, 1962

Mayor Marvin Dean is expected to appoint six City Planning Commission members within a couple of weeks, Commission President Gifford Dundas said last night.

The terms of five members of the commission expired Sunday and one man earlier had resigned, reducing the size of the body to six men. Six appointments would bring it back to 12, still only half the size of the commission at the time of Dean’s election in 1959.


COLTON — This Tuesday will be moving day for the School Sisters of Notre Dame who staff the Guardian Angel parochial grade school here. They will leave temporary quarters in the old parochial school building for the newly completed $40,000 St. Gall’s Convent, under construction since ground was broken for the project on Sept. 25.

Although a parochial grade school has been operated in St. Gall’s parish since 1894, the sisters who taught there had always lived at the convent building erected that year by the Benedictine sisters who staffed the school until 1937. In that year the School Sisters of Notre Dame bought the convent property and took over operation of the parochial school.

They lived there until last August when the buildings were put up for sale following discontinuance of Notre Dame Academy, a day and boarding high school for girls, which they had operated since 1948. With the closure of the academy it became necessary for the parish to provide a convent for the sisters, and the old Guardian Angel school building was pressed into service as a temporary residence.

Construction of the new convent followed closely that of the new Guardian Angel parochial school building which adjoins and to which a convent walkway gives access. The new school building was dedicated May 21. Both the school and convent were designed by Spokane architects, Culler, Gale & Martell, with Norrie & Davis as engineers.