From the

Lewiston Tribune

Jan. 9, 1982

SPOKANE — The Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women on Friday became the first major intercollegiate governing body in American sports to adopt a bill of rights for student-athletes.

Delegates attending the annual AIAW Delegate Assembly in Spokane wrestled throughout the day over the document, which establishes personal behavior rights, guarantees appeal processes for athletes and protects present AIAW policies from change by member institutions.

The final list, which includes 19 provisions, was approved after a substitute proposal was introduced.


Boardings were down at the Lewiston Airport during 1981, airport manager Clyde F. Martin estimated at Friday’s meeting of the Greater Lewiston Chamber of Commerce aviation committee.

Martin said boardings in 1979 totaled about 42,000. They were down from that in 1980 and reached only about 30,000 to 32,000 during 1981. Final tallies haven’t been completed, however, to show exactly how much less they will be, he said.

The chief of Federal Aviation Administration control tower, William F. O’Connor, estimated that takeoffs and landings were up at the airport, although the number actually recorded is down for the year.