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Lewiston Tribune

July 26, 2000

ASOTIN — Asotin County commissioners are considering increasing the speed limit on several county roads.

Commissioner Gordon Reed said Monday the county is studying whether to raise speed limits on Fleshman Way to 45 mph from 35 mph. Reed said the average speed on the four-lane road is closer to 45 mph than to the posted limit.

However, Reed said he is concerned about the intersection at the end of the Southway Bridge. Higher speeds could make the intersection more risky than it is.


Lewis-Clark State College’s vice president for student affairs is departing to become an associate vice president and dean of students at Long Beach State University in southern California.

Mike Hostetler, who has worked for the college in Lewiston for almost 10 years, said his new job is located along a stretch of the Pacific Coast that he and his wife like the most.

“We decided if we like it best, we need to make it happen,” he said Tuesday. “It took longer than expected.”

Hostetler, whose last day of work at LCSC will be Thursday, said he interviewed for other jobs during the past three years.

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