From the

Lewiston Tribune

Dec. 26, 2001

MOSCOW — Funding for two $1 million University of Idaho research projects has been approved as part of the U.S. Department of Defense appropriations bill.

The bill passed the Senate late last week and now goes to President George W. Bush for his signature.

The UI will receive $1 million for the Center for Secure and Dependable Software. The money will expand collaborative research and instruction on the design and development of more secure and reliable computing systems. The goal is to combat threats to national security.


The demand for natural gas has grown by more than 150 percent in less than 20 years in the Northwest.

And with nine new natural-gas-fired power plants either recently completed or under construction, analysts are starting to look at the long-term availability of affordable supply and the timely addition of pipeline capacity.

“Those are legitimate concerns,” said Dick Watson of the four-state Northwest Power Planning Council, which will study natural gas in an 18-month review of the region’s electricity systems.