Clarkston hadn’t claimed the prized Golden Throne since losing it in 2014, but this time, the Bantams earned it in dominant — and spirited — fashion.

After being clipped 265-263 last season, Clarkston earned a 19-point victory in the 25th edition of the Golden Throne spirit competition (148-129). The Bantams won both games and the gilded toilet, the first time a school has done so since 2007.

The schools raised a combined $13,500 throughout the week, with the money going to five charities — Lynch Up to Cure Cancer, CASA (a children’s foster program), the Boys and Girls Club, Lewis-Clark Animal Shelter and Joey’s Blankets.

Debbie Lynch, Clarkston’s ASB adviser, set up the LUCC program to support pancreatic cancer research.

Joey’s Blankets is a program designed to create blankets and bring comfort to cancer patients. It was fashioned by Lewiston teenager Joey Thomasson, who, along with his brother, were both diagnosed with cancer. The announcement was a surprise for Thomasson, whose family was implored to attend.

The first two programs will receive $3,375 each, and the other three get $2,250.

“We’re so thrilled to be able to do this with both ASBs,” Lynch said. “We’re trying to get kids focused on impacting lives in the long term, and they’re doing a great job.”

Clarkston improved its all-time lead in the spirit competition to 16-9.

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