The Tribune’s Religion page is posing the question to readers, “What does faith mean to you?”

This week’s essay was submitted by Josh Hedges, of Lewiston.

To submit an answer of 200 words or fewer, write to City Editor Matt Baney at or 505 Capital St., Lewiston, ID 83501.

Faith, together with hope and love, is the deepest human instinct.

Faith is the deep, deepening conviction that truth, goodness, and beauty are not illusions: they are not random, subjective ideas that we generate in order to cope with suffering and futility — rather, they are the perceivable transcendent qualities built into the universe. Faith is the inherent awareness that something perfect, incorruptible and brimming with joy exists just beyond the limits of our understanding. Faith is what enables a soul to prevail in adversity, precisely because it assures us that hope is not worthless, and to love is not foolish. Faith is the deep-seated certainty that our life actually does matter.

— Josh Hedges