The Tribune’s Religion page is posing the question to readers, “What does faith mean to you?” To submit an answer of 200 words or fewer, write to City Editor Matt Baney at or 505 Capital St., Lewiston, ID 83501.


Faith: It is believing with your whole heart, that God gave his only Son to be born in the flesh, but was still God, and was without sin. Who took on all our sin, and was mocked, spit on, beaten beyond recognition, and then nailed to a cross. Died and was risen. He makes intercession on our behalf to the Father. He never gives up on us. We can’t do anything that would cause him not to forgive us. All he asked is that we believe in God the Father, and in the Son. If we ask him to come into our hearts, and are truly sorry for our sins, past, present, and future he sends his Holy Spirit to live inside us. Faith is knowing what is only possible through an amazing God who is Love! This is what faith means to me.

— Angie Riener, Ferdinand